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    Yay, now we can go back to defenders keeping TB 99% of the time.

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    I still don't see hotfixes from 27.12 on live servers. I wonder, aswell. When we will have all the hotfixes that REALLY MATTERS..

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    Tol Barad announcement is "ridiculously important"? What's that supposed to mean?

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    The fight is still idiotic. I think people will continue to wintrade just because they don't bother with the actual fight.
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    Too bad that farming the dailies is gonna take a bit longer now as Alliance. And too bad I can't do Argaloth with my guild now. Though funny thing, some guy who obviously started doing Tol Barad at the point where the 1800 honor was already implemented, stated the following in trade:

    "OMG, Horde was actually fighting back last time! I say we ditch win trading and never let them have TB again!!"

    Had a good laugh, since the Horde on my server can win this thing with their hands tied to their back. Hell, the only time I saw alliance winning, Horde won it right back the fight after.

    Edit: Just remembered another cracker. On time during the 1800 honor phase, There were people advertising in trade to grab up your free honor points. That fight Alliance didn't succeed in attacking even though Horde tried to lose. Wow.
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    And what about the Chaotic Meta fix!? It's getting pretty frustrating!

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    Where the hell is the fix for the Elementium Stormshield? It's been an issue for weeks.

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    Blizzard has to do something about the que'ing. It's so unfair that I sign for the fight at the second you can when there are 15 minutes left till fight and my friend signs at 2 minutes and he gets in, but I don't. I know the whole thing is random, but I think it should be that whoever signs first, gets in first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodly View Post
    Blizzard has to do something about the que'ing. It's so unfair that I sign for the fight at the second you can when there are 15 minutes left till fight and my friend signs at 2 minutes and he gets in, but I don't. I know the whole thing is random, but I think it should be that whoever signs first, gets in first.
    Don't think this would be an issue anymore? Before the honor buff I could get in anytime during the fight.

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    They add it just before I leave, and take it away a day before i come home.

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    How can a good company like blizzard make such a poorly designed bg as Tol Barad?

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    And now there's less of a reason to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IgneousPrime View Post
    Relax guys -_- The extra honor was just temporary, they've said this many times. Sure people started win trading, but it wasn't exactly their fault. Also, I'm not sure if you noticed, but it's the holiday's and I'm sure a lot of dev's were out of the office which -may- explain why there hasn't been a fix yet. They also stated they're going to be working on making some changed to Tol Barad and will update us through blog posts and whatnot.

    If you don't like it, don't play it. Simple as that. And stop getting so damn mad about a video game.
    It's the holidays and it's exactly why they shouldn't do such a change if they're not there to monitor it and fix a possible exploit.

    You go out for holidays just to come back and find that everyone now has a huge gap in resilience compared to you that they shouldn't have for just one week. Great to start the year playing and get destroyed by even bad players that just "bridged" their entire pvp set and tons of resilience.

    To fix it, Blizz would just need to apply a fix in line with the one they did for the arena exploit, but with a few extra stuff by using armory feed stats for gear obtained during this "1800 tarding festival" week and played time of each player for the week, calculating a average honor gain based on just BGs and 360 honor TB win and removing or disabling the gear they bough after the "max honor" they could have for the period. But they won't do it, of course.

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    Not mentioned:
    - If in a group you can't both loot crocodile skins from the same mob
    - Problim immune to snares (maybe stuns too)

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    Quote Originally Posted by IgneousPrime View Post

    Nope, never happened to me. If it did happen, I'm sure they'd fix it or give everyone a refund. I'm sorry you have that mindset in an MMO though.

    And if they didn't fix and give a refund, you would still not be mad, it's just a movie that you can watch later again.

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    Correct answer to fixing Tol Barad:

    Set win condition to attacker holding 2 of 3 at end, giving attacking a slight advantage but a spirited defense can easily hold one and contest one.

    Correct answer plus allowing for 'skill' factors: set win to holding 2 of 3 at end, plus add a reinforcements counter, allowing strategic defense to bleed out the attackers, and stupid defense to bleed themselves dry zerging.

    Correct answer to fixing Tol Barad while keeping the current win condition:

    Double the map size/distance from center to control points. Break zerging, require coordinated defense/offense to win.

    Cheap answer to fixing Tol Barad while keeping the current win condition:

    Remove the use of ground mounts while the battle is active.

    There. I expect my check in the mail, Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supajayare View Post
    This ladies and gentlemen is what happens when you only focus on testing pve content in beta and pay zero attention to pvp.... Don't blame them though, its pretty obvious WoW's pvp is only an after-thought. World of Raidcraft ftw.
    Yeah... because they really tested PvE in beta and it's not full of bugs and... oh wait.

    Beta serves for two purposes only, players to create their leveling strategies for realm's 1st achievements and selected guilds to learn the raid content to blow up everything in their path as possible when it goes live.

    And, huh... WoW was designed as a PvE game from the begining... deal with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unkn0wnerr0r View Post
    That's pretty much exactly what he said. WoW is a PvE game, with PvP added to attract people interested in it. PvP is not a real part of WoW, and I think it really shows. In games that have PvP build around them, or alongside the PvE the PvP is much more balanced.

    Tol Barad was tested just so you guys know. There were pages, and pages of people on the forums telling them it's messed up. Nothing was done. I personally think it's fine, people saying "make it so we only have to capture two to win" fine, but take out the spires. Make it happen every hour. There are plenty of ways to fix it,and let's be honest.

    WoW is a PvE game, that is pointed out lots. It's true, and the fact is they won't even fix their PvE. What makes you think they give a damn about fixing PvP? The only reason they changed the honor was to bring the grind back to PvP. No real PvPer gives a crap how fast you got your PvP gear. We just want a good fight, and to have fun. They changed it so that people would have to grind more. I like what Bioware said about Grind though (think it was bioware at PAX), Grind is just a way for a game to hide the fact that it doesn't have content. They are right, and people know it.
    There will never be enough content, unfortunately.

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    we don't need boring hotfixes we need a balance update

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    Quote Originally Posted by daburton View Post
    I have to agree. After a little prodding, i was able to urge my guild to jump in and get as much honor as they could as well. I dont think we have a single member without a full set of pvp gear now. NOW normal pvp is equalized without having to do Arena's. Nothing worse then getting Arena babies who get their epic pvp gear stomping on your ass when you just want to do something simple like run a few AVs, WSG's etc.
    If you managed to get a entire guild online during the holiday, lol...

    Unfortunately wasn't the case for the marjority of the player base who didn't play during the holidays, that happens.

    It's pretty much the arena exploit, except that it was during the holidays and they won't disable the gear ppl got for some time like they did with the arena gear.

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    Its good that u fixed to 360 but ........
    Its like 2 more fully raid groups outside the bridge , should atleast fix so more people could come in becouse i have tried to join tb 3 times in a row and never got a spot :S

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