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    Exploit early, exploit hard.

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    Bring back tenacity so I can do TB.

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    i foretold nerf to 360 points immediatly the first change happened

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sitar View Post
    Finally, a much needed hotfix :-)
    This was not a much needed hotfix.

    All it does is set TB back to the way it was with one faction (depending on server pop) holding TB all day or most of the day.

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    Damage is done, fix was applied way to late.
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    this is worse. it's a minor gain to attack but defending against the other faction is ultimately more satifying now that everyone and their dog has 3k resi. unbalanced 'battleground' is still unbalanced.

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    They should just shut down the TB battleground until it is fixed properly, or change it to where both factions can do Baradin Hold until Tol Barad is fixed.

    I don't think 360 is enough to keep win trading. If it is, then they'll just hotfix it down to 270 and then maybe 180 to make it even for both sides. If you remove win trading, then you go back to one faction controlling the extra dailies and Baradin Hold for 80%+ of the time each week.

    They need just go come out and admit that TB is a horrible mess that should have never made it out of beta in its current design.

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    If they honestly didn't see this coming, and if they honestly thought the reason it switched so rarely was because of 'motivation', I've GRAVELY overestimated Blizzard.
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    And back to honorfarming for 3 million years for the full set... Yey misery battlegroup for alliance.

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    TB should be lowered to 83 and make all mobs in the zone level to match.

    Oh and cut the number of mobs especially in the prison.

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    How about they stop with the "honor" and FIX TB?

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    Noooooooooooo, my free honor ='(
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    I want to point out that wintrading still gives more honor to each partner.

    Two defends in a row = 360 honor (180 honor each)
    One loss and one win = 410 honor (50 for loss and 360 for win)

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    This is dumb. If you wanted to fight why couldn't you join a pvp server or fucked off to a battleground or even the arena? TB is broken.

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    Back to defense winning 99/100 times.

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    sigh!! just buff the honor system as its a joke!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    So it only took them about a week to understand that giving 1.8k honor for a victory to encourage wintrading will not fix how ridiculously biased towards defense Tol Barad is?
    If you count the holidays as business days then yes it took them a week. Most people understand they are on vacation and would be returning to the office today (Monday). Take it as a xmas present and be happy if you did it.

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    Oh man i really feel bad for all the people who still need tons of honor. This is so bad, because you really need the blue set for PvP right now. Other players will slaughter you if you dont have resilience. I tried to bg but after 5 wins and 3 losses i still couldnt buy anything.

    I hope they either buff the honor gain of battlegrounds/world pvp/add honor points to arena after conquest point cap/ or reduce the honor you need to buy the blue items at least.

    Some of my friends still need much items from the honor gear and cannot play so much to grind bgs 6 hours a day

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