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    Question what words are you shortening?

    like this:
    shadow = shdw
    achivement = cheve
    laughing out loud = lol
    and so on..

    what are you using?

    (ps, is abbreviation the word?)

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    Going to put this in the fun section for you.

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    Hmm I think Bird is the Word, but don't quote me on that..

    Congratulations > Congrats > Grats > GZ -

    For Achievement I use > Cheev

    Oh and for heirlooms > Looms..


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    Lol, gz, WTF, omfg and waaaay too many others..
    Congratulations on graduating to expert level trolling, I would stick around but I'm busy getting gay married in 13 states and performing roadside abortions while passing bills that take away people's guns while i sip superior european wine and cheese i bought with european style socialist money, arrivaderci!

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    Lol and gz.
    Those are the only ones, and then i most of the time just say congrats!
    I do not really shortened words like cheeve or shdw, makes me pissed off since
    in my opinion, it just looks dumb.
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    When I'm typing stuff out in like guild chat or something, I type everything out completely cept for a few really common ones:

    lol (usually I say haha)

    The rest I type out completely. I'm in no hurry, no need to shorten stuff and look stupid. The stuff I do shorten is pure habit I'm afraid. If I'm in an instance and need to type something out in a hurry, then I'll shorten every friggin thing I can and still make it readable. But, I'm usually in vent with the people I do stuff with, so no need for that.
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    ready = r?
    yes = y
    achievment = ach
    Archeaology = arch

    etc etc

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    gtg, cya, hf, gl, FTW, omg

    sometimes ofc and STFU
    I am useing em for the right moment!
    Learn about consequences before try something.

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    i have an entire keyboard in front of me, so abbreviating things feels almost pointless to me, unless it is a universal abbreviation that i could log onto facebook and see. i do lol, brb, ftl, all things my mother knows the meaning to. i cant stand people who have become so lazy that they start writing things like gz, which in reality makes NO SENSE AT ALL, just because they cant be bothered to use the keyboard in front of them. i mean come on, its congratulations people. Don't get me started on people who use u instead of you and r instead of are.

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    Honestly, it bothers me when people use abbreviations. Does it kill you to type a few extra letters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukah View Post
    ready = r?
    yes = y
    achievment = ach
    Archeaology = arch

    etc etc
    I hate it when people use 'y' for yes.. "ready?" "y" "why what?" .. it's like the laziest thing ever. y = why, it's how you say the letter :S y doesnt = yes :S /RAGE

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    I use words that I think look good, I actually do. If it looks better shortened, I shorten it, if it looks better when its a full word, I write the full word.

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    HNY = happy new year

    It was either shorten it or macro it. Far too many whispers from my mates coming back from their hols.

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    None. Well, some. I use contractions like 'I'm' and 'They're'. Aside from the standard English contractions, none. Occasionally I'll use something like 'zomg' or 'wtf' or whatever when I'm exaggerating or having fun, but aside from that, I use proper language.

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    I'll use some abbreviations and acronyms, especially when I'm PvPing and need to answer a question in guild/officer chat without dying. I don't care much for most abbreviations though, and I'll admit that I end up thinking less highly of people who don't seem to be able to type out a single word.

    My most used would be:


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    Gratz/Gz (Congratulations)
    Lol Lawl and several other variations
    Cya(See you)
    WTF... the list goes on, but when it comes to numbers, the letter/word "u/you" and putting u's into words just as Armour, Colour, I tend to follow those rules

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    Standard abbreviations that you see anywhere online: lol, brb, afk, btw, wtf, iirc, and the occasional tbh.

    I don't tend to abbreviate many WoW-specific words. Seeing idiocy like "hc" or "roic" bothers me. I get abbreviating long names, like dungeon and raid names--VP, BWD, BoT--but no amount of explaining will make me accept things like "roic," "r," or "gz."

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    About anything I can if I'm bored.

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    LOL FFS WTF HC Achiev CC Sheep CBA OMG, All my pala skills like SotR, CS, HotR etc, Herbing, mixing really to many to count, but my all time favorite is Gz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jartin View Post
    Honestly, it bothers me when people use abbreviations. Does it kill you to type a few extra letters?
    same here sometimes, depends on what they are typing ofc =)

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