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    [Bio] Terinisera of the Green Dragonflight. [WIP]

    Name: Terinisera

    Age: 89

    Race: Young Green Dragon.

    Gender: Female.

    Class: N/A.

    As one of the Green flight, Terin holds an immense patience and understanding for her surroundings. Being quite wise, even amongst her own kin, Terin is both a blessing and a burden upon those who're taking care of her. Always wanting to be on the move and discover new parts of the world, learn new skills or trademarks, Terin's wings are carrying her far. Often too far, according to Verisera, who's trying to keep Terin in check. Loving flight and play, the young Dragon can become quite a pest upon the locals, even if she means them no harm. Its only fun and games, afterall!
    Terin usually have a lot going on behind the Emerald Green eyes. This has also opened up a playful side for the young Dragon, especially if the rules that have been sewn are pulled too far down over her head. When this happens, Terin can be found pulling one shenanigan after the other. This has often caused both her, and her caretaker Verisera trouble. (Especially if there's any Kobold-candles to nick.) Terin is open-minded and doesn't have that many predjuces about other beings. Everyone that currently reside on Azeroth are welcome there. At least as long as they behave! Terin loves to watch the ways of the mortal races, and finds much entertainment in doing so. Terin also belives that the future of the dragonflights are immensely intervened with the mortals of Azeroth.

    Playing, studying, learning and teaching. Also, Terin has an unbound love for the nature that have given Azeroth such a huge diversity in plant, flowers and creatures. Terin also likes water, especially waterfalls.

    Rules that cannot be bent, meaningless destruction, and to some extent fire.

    Dragon Form:
    Terinisera is only standing on the crossover between being a Drake and being a dragon. As such, Terin has slight resemblances from both. Being quite small, Terin is also quite fragile, for a dragon. Even though her body itself is quite small, the wings on her back are quite huge compared, from being used almost constantly. The dragon's eyes glow with a slight green, marking her move towards being mature. Emerald green scales cover her body, and two short black horns are curling backwards over her ears. Though, the claws of Terinisera are quite as frightening as any dragons. Long, black, and harder than many metals. In herself Terinisera is not a fearsome sight though, and she likely would still be counted as a Drake, if any dragonhunter was to defeat her.

    High Elven Form:
    Since Terinisera's magics have not yet matured, neither have her ability to guise herself. In her High Elven form, she still retains the Emerald green glowing eyes. Though the rest of the guise looks mostly natural, save slightly huge teeth. Terin has Half-long blonde hair, reaching just below her shoulders. The nails are well cut, and her smile as dazzling as always. About average height, and decent curves for a teen elf. Often she'll be wearing an initiate's robe, showing to anyone that might lay eyes on her, that she is still studying.

    Terinisera has the weakness of often being too rash on making decisions or judgements, perhaps as a testament to her inexperience. Also, she does not manage to muster more advanced draconic magic than various breaths, even though the time to be taught draws closer. Due to her small size, she's quite vulnerable, and her scales have not yet completely hardenend. This effectively renders her next to useless in combat.

    Terinisera has a tight connection with nature, wich gives her good starting point for healing magic. Also, Terin is, despite her rashfulness, quite intelligent. Quick at learning new things, and understanding why things work the way they do. Also, Terinisera has never been in the dream, thus escaping any possible corruption.

    Terinisera was one hatchling out of a few, as they were creeking out of their eggs in a safe location at the mountain side hidden in the Swamp of Sorrows. Already from the start, you could tell that Terin was slightly unlike the other whelps, being that she actually hatched a good week after the main group, thus making her the youngest of the pack. A few of the hatchlings didn't make it to see their first year. During their teachings, a few whelps also succumbed to the wildlife of the swamps, and others to some pesky adventurers who thought the whelps to be threathening. Even so, a trio of the whelps proved to be very adept at surviving any hardship they may encounter. The trio being Terinisera, Hiranikus and Erkurinus. The three of them bonded quite well, and they watched each others backs, as long as it lasted.

    It was also the trio that figured out, that they could easily steal a meal in the form of fishes, from the local Murlocs. As the murloc hunters would be bringing home the nets or baskets, they would distract them with a blinding breath. While confused, they'd steal the nets and bring them back to the nest. There, they'd happily eat the fish. Though, Verisera quickly realised where they had gotten the fish, and that would be the first teaching that actually reached Terin on a personal level. "There's a balance in all things. The minor straw of grass, the prey caught by predators, everything. As green dragons, our duty is to maintain the balance. Dreams, nightmares.. If you're incapable of showing an understanding, you'll never be able to perform your duties as green dragons!"
    The speech didn't stop a lot of the fun the trio would be having, though they'd behave with much care.

    As the drakes grew older, they would all have to walk into different directions, knowing their paths would later bind them together again. The first of the three to mature, was Ekurinus. Not only was he the largest and physically strongest of the three, he was also the first one to master his guise. A human male, strong and sturdy. His wild black hair made him resemble some of the fiercest warriors, yet noble soldiers. As he had done so, he would be meeting another dragon, that would teach him the ways of the Green Flight, and also introduce him to the Emerald Dream.

    Hiranikus was the second to leave the trio. As a dragon, he and Terinisera resembled each other quite a bit. He wasn't as large or strong as Ekurinus, yet his wings were larger and had seen more use. What he had, was a swiftness that none of the other dragons posessed. His ability to move, was unmatched. His guise became that of a Nightelven Ranger.

    That meant Terinisera would be the last of the dragons to mature, and also that she would be taught by their batch's caretaker, Verisera. This also meant, that all the tricks and trades Terinisera had already pulled off, couldn't be used another time. Though, Verisera and Terin also bonded somewhat closely. As Terin started to gain the charachteristics of a mature dragon, the two of them left their old lair...
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    It's refreshing and unique, I like it^_^

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    I thought it a little odd that we leave at when the siblings leave the nest an not Terinisera. I think a bit of description of how her life went after she left home and a bit of her rite of passage would be a nice addition. Because as it stands I have to take your word she can be mischevious instead of pulling that out of her bio. It also leaves a lot to assume considering we never know why she is this unique Green dragon.

    This is a good start in my opinion and very nice overall. Sounds like she can make for a fine representative for Ysera and the Green Flight.
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    SSSShhhhh......this was all a dream........
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    Guys, this bio is from January 2011. Terin's story has evolved.. Nonfic, you've RPed Ronacus with her!
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    Well, your face... jk. Anyway that doesn't change the fact that I'd like to see more of the story. Will Teri marry the Fel iron dwarf doppleganger of Nonfictionless? Or will she get the sex change and ressurect Deathwing to prove to the biker gang that's she's a willing member? Will her mortal form be a tauren? Will she be a boxing tauren? If so is she lightweight or heavyweight? One or four percent milk? There are too many questions!

    On a serious note, is this story listed? If so, I'd like to know if I made a fool of myself. *wink*

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    Actually Terin was caught inside the Nightmare, and has had some.. unfortunate changes ..
    I'll look to update the bio at some point - I have a tendency of making young characters that in themselves are not unique, and then bind them to another roleplayer. This roleplayer then gets a student, pupil, adopted child or whatever fits.

    This means that other characters and other players have the opportunity of forming and molding the character that I started. A good example is my Draenei Orphan, Xana, that was taken in by an undead mage and molded through a ton of threads and a ton of experiences to become what she is today
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    My My what kind of unforunate changes are you talking about? *whistles*

    In all seriousness, would you mind me adding Terin to Kalys' Enemies on my Characters Page? I feel like it should be there since it was a rather big thing.

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