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    [Books] Book recomendations

    I need to find new books to read at school and i dont know whats good and whats not.

    I like all of the Eragon books. So if there are any books you think are good like Eragon please tell me.
    Dont say Harry Potter i just cant sit down and get interested in any of em.

    I like History books so if there is any good History books out there mainly around World War One and Two.

    Please list names and Authors of books you recommend.


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    Considering you like eragon i would suggest you a look at some garth nix or phillip pullman you would probably enjoy those, the his dark materials trilogy and the old kingdom trilogy.

    If your looking for something a bit less orientated towards younger people try out George R.R Martin, a song of ice and fire. It can be a bit slow at first if it's a style your not used to but once you get to know the characters it's a very good read indeed. I just read it recently on a reccomendation and have very much enjoyed them, lots of gritty characters, few dragons and a bit of necromancy, set in a medieval style with lots of kings queens lords and ladys. Rape, incest, fratricide and dwarfs. It's currently being made into an HBO tv series and i was so engrossed i read the last 700 page book in 4 days.

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    Well i'd recommend alot of things but to start with
    The Dragonriders of Pern series. It was one of paolinis influences when he made the Inheritance novels.

    After that would be

    Soverign Stone Trilogy by margaret weis and tracy hickman also by them would be the Death Gate series.

    Another series i'd recommend is one that begins witha book called dealing with dragons it's a very funny spoof on classic fantasy kinda like shrek only it predates it. This is a quartet but sadly i don't know their locaton not for all of them at least so i can't get you all the titles but it's a REALLY fun series.

    As for my tastes in books to give you some idea of how similar we are i also liked eragaon but i also liked harry potter and to be frank rather enjoyed the knaak warcraft books.

    Hope these help you out and you like my recommendations.

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    The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan has had me captivated for close to 18 years now, I can't say enough about it. The characters are interesting and there's a real feel of progression to them. Various mythological and historical characters are weaved into them and you can't help but identify with a lot of what they go through. The series is finally set to end with the final book in about year from now so with 13 novels and a prequel available you should be able to read about one book a month and finish them all right around the time the final book is released.

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    Come on people i know a lot of you have more suggestions so lets hear em.

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    Well, if you want history books, then Conn Iggulden have written books about Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan. Really good books. David Eddings series "The Belgariad" is also really good. Knaak aswell, if your intrested in warcraft books. if you havn't read the lotro books ,then do that.
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    tbh there's already about three threads on this exact subject, but I'll chip in my 2c.

    His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman's masterpeice, awesome trilogy.

    the Belgariad and it's followup the Mallorean

    then if you want to get into more adult fantasy (no, I don't mean adult like that you dirty, dirty people):

    Sword of Truth, Terry Goodkind: EPIC series, but be warned, it can be a bit grim, so don't start it if you're lookin for light reading

    Malazan Book of the Fallen, Steven Erickson: aawweessoommee, but again, can get pretty grimdark (the second book in perticular is just...GRIM) but if you power through the books get AMAZING

    Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin: awesome politcal fantasy (which is to say it's a book about kings and queens scheming to rule the world, but theirs dragons) and soon to be a hit HBO drama :P but read the books first.

    Farseer Trilogy > Liveship Traders trilogy > Tawny Man trilogy, all by Robin Hobb: a trilogy of trilogies to be read in that order, if you want to fully understand it all (LST isn't 100% needed, but it's a good series, and explains a few things/people in Tawny Man)

    ANYTHING by Murakami Haruki , the guy is certafieably insane, but man what an author :P (make sure you get one of the fantasyish ones, he has a few serious books, just check the story before you buy)

    as for Historical books..

    The Wandering Samurai: the life and times of Miyamoto Musashi, greatest samurai EVER and then if you want a more fictional take on his life....

    Musashi, Yoshikawa Eiji: a fictionalised version of Musashi's life, plays fast and lose with accuracy, but adds in more zoom pow drama type stuff.
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    I have read hundreds of books you are asking for, my personal favorites are, and not in any particular order, mabe the first series is my favorite but I cant decide. Im not putting JRR tolkien into the list, those books are more heavy to read and are not for new fantasy readers I think, but they are masterpieces in their own way, if you really want to start with them, go for the hobbit, or the silmarillion.

    Riftwar saga, Raymond e feist. (1st book is named magician its a masterpiece, hes written tons of books think hes up to 14 now in these series or story, but only the first 3 cover the riftwar)

    Painted man (or warded man), by Peter v Brett its a reletively new book, can find it on amazon, was hooked form first chapter.

    Dragonlance saga, dragons of summer, dragons of fall etc. epic series (Rastlin is my favorite caracter, evil mage aspiring to become a god)

    A song of fire and ice, a series, the series are not complete atm, bit more serious reading, but one of the best written out there atm, blood gore plotting and violence, later books are , A clash of kings, A game of thrones, find them on amazon. By George RR martin.

    The way of shadows, really good series, was hooked on the books from start to finish, by brent weeks.

    if you want shorter books, but in no way less fun to read, you can try the AD&D books,
    the story about the dark elf Drizzt dourden (the dark elf trilogy) is epic, also the dark sun series is great, as well as some of the ravenloft books. you can google the names for information.

    have fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stgeorge View Post
    Riftwar saga, George RR martin. (1st book is named magician its a masterpiece, hes written tons of books think hes up to 14 now in these series or story, but only the first 3 cover the riftwar)
    This is by Raymond E. Feist by the way. It is an amazing series.
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    The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

    If you like Eragon you are gonna like this for sure.

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    I just got the War of The ancients Archive and a ton of other ( I think all) of the warcraft lore books for my birthday. I started War of the Ancients (it has "The well of Eternity", "The Demon Soul", and "The Sundering" all in one book, for a good price too)

    So far I really like it, despite all the talks about Richard A knaack as an author. I absolutely love all of the Eragon books (I've read them all at least 4 times and I'm excited for the fourth book) I don't like reading books inbetween series waiting for books to come out but the warcraft ones work for me because I think of it as "studying" the lore of wow and better understanding it :]

    And since you like history it's pretty much the history of WoW and pretty neat to peice all the things you see/experience in game with what you read.

    Good luck with your search
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    Last good book I read was "les miserables" by victor hugo (found it in my school libray and decided to give it a go). Since I have no clue to your age though I can't say if it is something I belive you to find interesting though, but I got to say that I can clearly see why it is widely claimed to be one of the best books written in 19th century.

    J.R.R Tolkien books are another favorite although I would claim lord of the rings series to a bit heavy and slow in certain parts, while "the hobbit" to be much lighter reading material and a much less chance of a familliar plot.

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    The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher are a good series of books. So are Simon R. Green's Niteside series and Shaman Bond series. The best thing about the Niteside books is that they're quick reads. At least they were for me.

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    im going to get trolled but try
    Mein Kampf(My Struggle) by Hitler, sounds strange but i read it and it cleared up alot about WW2 and some common misconceptions, quite interesting if you like history and foreign matters
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    The Ender's Game series, including both branches were really good. Had about 8, 9 books total? Read them over the summer with my brother and we both loved them. They're sci-fi, so idk if you like that. But it also deals with ethics, warfare, and other topics.
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    Ok i have heard of a lot of what i think will be Great books, But i want to hear some History Books come on throw em at me. (Not literally)

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    The Lightning Thief Series & The Garth Nix Series! TWO OF THE BEST, The Lightning Thief series is about a boy who finds out he is a demi-god and does very cool stuff. It's mostly about Greek Mythology. Garth Nix series is about a boy named Arthur who is on the brink of death when a magical man saves him, and it's somewhat about creation and other things, but not religious. Very good series

    Lightning Thief and Garth Nix series.

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    If you like Scifi, I recommend reading "The Foundation" series by Isaac Asimov, one of the most influential science fiction writers of all time.
    Also, the "Hyperion" series dy Dan Simmons is among my favourite scifi books.
    If you like fantasy, the Earthsea series by Ursula K. Le Guin is a must-read.

    I'll also throw a few less known (at least outside Finland) history related books, "Under the north star" by the finnish author Väinö Linna tells a touching story about a finnish family from 1880 to 1950, it goes through first world war, Finland becoming independent, finnish civil war and the second world war among other things. Also another book called "The Unknown Soldier" by Väinö Linna, tells a story about the Continuation war between Finland and Soviet Union during the Second World War. These two books might be a bit hard to find, but they tell a story much less often heard when talking about the World Wars and their effects in Europe and are well worth the read.
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    If you want an interesting history book about WW2, there is one I read long time ago, its 16 short stories I think how 16 German soldiers won the highest honors any soldier could get in the German army at the time, the Knights Iron Cross with Oak Leaves Swords and Diamonds. and the stories tell you what they did to receive their honors. Not a Nazi or anything :> just like reading WW2 stuff once in a while.

    the book is called.

    Infantry Aces of the Reich

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