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    Add on that shows percentage health and # health of an enemy?

    I am wondering if there is something I can dl (or even an internal settings) that will allow me to see the percentage health on a mob as well as the HP it has?

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    i think most unit frame addons can do this, try xperl or pitbull, all i can suggest :P
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    some times DBM has displayed it for me? on bosses, and you can do your own, maybe others, as just percentages OR total in numbers via the interface options area
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    Pitbull's highly customizable but takes a while to get what you want if it's your first time fiddling with it. Shadowed Unit Frames is very nice as well and doesn't take up a lot of memory. X-Perl by default shows both health numbers and percentages but it's a memory hog and is currently halted on development I believe but it still works for the most part with 4.0.3a
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    Well Im not a healer or tank....just a huntard! But I wanted to be able to see both as a few of my abilities are based off % but I like seeing HP too

    Would also love to see dot timers and trap timers above or by nameplates too...looks like a few suggested above have this ability
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    SimpleUnitFrames keeps the frame looking exactly the same, it just lets you change the format of the text of all the fields. It also displays a little icon showing you what class (if player) or type (if NPC) the unit is, which is cool to see at a quick glance. Very good addon if you just want to change the text with little configuration.

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    MobInfo2 is another option that I think will meet your needs if any of the above dont. I use Xperl and MI2 (MI2 also has a bunch of other functionality)

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    I think I did this for somebody. Let me check.

    EDIT: Found it. Very lightweight, modifies the default target frame.
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    The one I use is called DroodFocus. It places a bar w the targets health wherever you like. You can make the bar monochrome, or gradient based on health, add text to the bar, and align said text either somewhere on the bar or off the bar, and change the size and font of the text. Plus Droodfocus does a lot of other nice things. Gives you each a holy power, threat, mana, combo pt, focus, rage, energy, and health bar w the same customizations. Also has visual and texual CD indicators, debuff-application indicator, dot-timer bar and visual indicators, and a neat little thingy that shows you your current AP crit rate and whether a periodic spell is having it's damage modified somehow. That, dominos, and Mik Scrolling Battle Text are the only 3 mods I could never live without.

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