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    Taurajo Fields New Battleground Ideas

    Some of you might have seen my other threads, where I put forth my ideas for additions to the World of Warcraft. This thread is, as you may have guessed, another one.

    Currently, in World of Warcraft, we have most of the typical multiplayer modes covered. We have Capture the Flag in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks, we have King of the Hill in Arathi Basin and Battle for Gilneas, we have multiple Assault mode variants, in Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest, Strand of the Ancients, Wintergrasp and Tol Barad. There’s only one well-known game mode that’s not really represented in World of Warcraft battlegrounds: Deathmatch.

    Now, I know a lot of you will call me a noob and tell me there’s the arena. I’d like to point all of you out that arena is very different from a battleground. In arena, any mistake made by any team member could be fatal, resulting in a loss of your team. Battlegrounds are much more forgiving. The step of entering a battleground is much lower than that of the arena – some people who are new to the game might enjoy PvP’ing, but aren’t good enough to enter arena. I dare calling myself an example here, I do enjoy PvP, but as I just decided on my new main, that I still need to learn the techniques of, and that I still need to gear up. Stepping in the arena would get me instagibbed. Stepping into a random battleground, trying to PvP a bit, often result into rage from my team members. Field of Strife, for example, is not a battlefield, but more of a crossing where the Horde and Alliance /wave at each other and run off to Balinda and Galvandar.

    A deathmatch-like battleground is perfect for those that want mindless HK-zerging.
    That, or it could be fine-tuned flawlessly by the great tacticians that might be found in your guild.

    Part of it, however, is to relive some of the parts of Alterac Valley, that died throughout time.

    Without any further ado, I’d like to introduce to you:

    Taurajo Fields? What’s that? As said in my Silithus Quarry thread, I like battlegrounds that are based on actual zones in Azeroth. I never liked Eye of the Storm, Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients, solely because they feel out of place for me, like they’re not a true part of Warcraft lore.

    Now, I had this little idea for a deathmatch-based battleground, and needed a proper area where it could work. I did a little research, made a graph for myself (that I may or may not upload), and figured out how the current battlegrounds are spread throughout the world. Let me list my findings.

    Battlegrounds in Eastern Kingdoms: 4 or 5; Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Battle for Gilneas, Twin Peaks and Tol Barad.
    Battlegrounds in Kalimdor: 1; Warsong Gulch.
    Battlegrounds in Northrend: 2 or 3; Isle of Conquest, Strand of the Ancients and Wintergrasp.
    Battlegrounds in Outlands: 1; Eye of the Storm.

    Battlegrounds in Northern Azeroth: 7 or 9; all except Eye of the Storm, which is located Outlands, obviously.
    Battlegrounds in Southern Azeroth: none.

    In conclusion, we have a lack of battlegrounds in Southern Azeroth, and on Kalimdor.

    Now, with just a mere portion of Azeroth’s zones left, let me explain why I decided to use ‘Taurajo Fields’. Taurajo Fields are the fields around camp Taurajo, Southern Barrens. They currently do not exist in game or lore, but the game world suffers from scaling issues, and lore probably hasn’t completely covered the entire of the Barrens, adding it in probably wouldn’t be an issue.

    All fine and all, but I’m guessing you now really wonder why this area? The Southern Barrens, once absolute Horde territory, has been invaded by the Alliance. With their offense, they commanded a couple of Wildhammer Dwarves to launch an aerial assault on Camp Taurajo. The mission succeeded, leaving Taurajo in ruins, obliterating hundreds of Tauren. Some Tauren managed to get away, fleeing to the north.
    As implied by the name of the camp these refugees founded, Vendetta Point, these Tauren aren’t going to forget it easily. Contemplating their offense for a while now, they decide this is the time to avenge their fallen comrades.

    What are the objectives of Taurajo Fields?
    As said before, Taurajo Fields is a deathmatch-inspired battleground. For that matter, it’s not that hard to guess what the main objective is. You may also noticed that, I used the words “to relive some of the parts of Alterac Valley” a couple of paragraphs back. As some of you may know, Alterac Valley used to be an actual battleground. People got killed, dropped Armor Scraps that could be turned in, creating an epic experience for those in the battle.
    It’s a mechanic that I’d like to implement in Taurajo Fields, too.

    These lands, visited by the spirits of slain Tauren, have become sacred grounds for some. Every slain enemy will drop Spirit Dust. Spirit Dust can be handed in to one of the Shaman NPCs of your faction. You can hand in Spirit Dust in stacks of three, and every stack will increase your reinforcements with one.

    At the start of the battle both factions have 150 reinforcements. If everyone will hand in Spirit Dust, this can become a maximum of around 225 reinforcements. I think this is a reasonable amount, but could be altered if the battleground would take too long, or too short, even.

    How would the battleground look?
    Shaped like a rectangle, with bulges at two opposite corners, resembling the Western Plaguelands a bit. Both the bulging corners would hold a base of actions for either the Horde or the Alliance, and it’s where the Shaman NPC is located. Both these corners are elevated, to prevent the opposing faction from killing the Shaman NPC, which would destroy one of the aspects of the game. To get up this elevation, there’s a teleport that only works for one faction.
    Furthermore, there’s 3 spirit healers scattered around the battleground, to prevent graveyard camping, which would make winning the battleground very easy. When you’re dead, you can teleport between the different Spirit Healers.
    At the top of the map, there’s a couple of destroyed Tauren tents, one of which holds a buff, that works much like the Berserking buff of Warsong Gulch. At the bottom of the map, there’s a small elevation. Near the bottom of it, there’s also a small Tauren tent with a buff in it.

    Quick mock-up of the map.

    Q & A (or statements and replies, for that matter):

    Q. This idea sucks.
    A. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please, elaborate why you think it’s a bad idea.

    Q. You suck.
    A. Thank you.

    Q. What factions will winning give reputation to?
    A. There will be two new factions, one reflects the Tauren refugees, called the Shu’hale Retaliation, and one reflects the people of Northwatch, the Northwatch Shield. These factions will give their own rewards upon reaching exalted reputation.

    Q. This looks too much like …
    A. If you mean that this idea is too close to other people’s ideas, let me tell you that most of the ideas in this thread come from my personal head. Also, to quote Gsusnme in the Warden thread:
    I have nothing to GAIN from "stealing" an idea, as I am not getting paid for this, it's simply for fun and the whole "What-If" factor.
    Now, it’s not uncommon for people to come up with a deathmatch battleground. This incarnation, is mine though.
    New Class: Runemaster
    New Alliance Race: Furbolg
    New Horde Race: None yet.
    New Zones: None yet.
    New Battleground: Ruins of Eldre'Thalas, Silithus Quarry, Taurajo Fields, Sorrows Training Grounds
    New Dungeon: None yet.

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    Would be great if you could get some 3d footage of it, if you happen to know how to do this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinxiijay View Post
    Would be great if you could get some 3d footage of it, if you happen to know how to do this
    I have no skills in 3D programs. Even if I could, it would take too much time for an idea I posted for fun
    New Class: Runemaster
    New Alliance Race: Furbolg
    New Horde Race: None yet.
    New Zones: None yet.
    New Battleground: Ruins of Eldre'Thalas, Silithus Quarry, Taurajo Fields, Sorrows Training Grounds
    New Dungeon: None yet.

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    Cho’Gall: Cairne Bloodhoof is dead? Did we kill him?
    Deathwing: No. The Grimtotems weakened him with poison, and then Garrosh accidentally hacked him to death with an axe during a heated political discussion.
    Cho’Gall: How do you accidentally kill someone with an axe?

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    Wouldn't it be kinda...small

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    Small is the idea. Lots of fighting in the middle. Not bad, but a problem I see is that rogues (because they use it the most) and other invis classes would have that taken away. If there's a giant battle in the middle, then tons of aoe and no stealth. I like the premise, but I'd like to see maybe a tower in the middle that gives a buff while you control it. Make it worthwhile for people to get in the middle and fight it out. Maybe 4 different towers that are close in the middle, but far enough apart that one aoe doesn't catch them all, and you turn all 4 to control the bg and the buff. Guess that defeats the purpose of deathmatch though. So, head to the middle and fight it out. Now, how do we get rid of the people stealthed in the corner, afk.

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    I like this idea.

    However, I would prefer it too be a world combat zone rather than a bg, much like WG or with Similar mechanics to Halaa in Nagrand OR even Venture bay in Northrend!

    Controlling strategic points in the area (towers, tents etc etc) would open up new quests for either side that controls it, dailies, gear vendors, continental buffs etc - But I'm biased as I'm more for introducing more world pvp.

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