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    Can't log in to game servers?

    No idea if this is the correct forum section as it's my first post .

    But anyways, this is my problem:

    Yesterday afternoon my wow was running fine until I logged off.

    I later came back on in the evening and it would take a while to log in etc, then instead of taking me straight to my realm page showing my characters, it went to the realm selection page.

    I went to select my realm and tried to get on to it and it simply says: 'Logging in to game server' stays there for a while then just goes back to the realm page?

    I can't seem to log in to the game servers? This applies to all realms including my main realm so doesn't appear to just be a problem with my realm.

    How can I solve this?

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    Can anyone help?

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    Moved to Computers.
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    Thanks. Was unsure what section.

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    Still no luck from the wow forums, was hoping for more luck here .

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