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Thread: Pokémon!

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    19 now, I played them when Red and Blue first came out... I have quit since then but I remember playing pokemon all the time
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    im 16 and one of my chrsitmas presents when i was little was a gameboy color and yellow version and i still love this game today my friends and cousins still play it also along with a lot of my school

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    22, R/B, stupid blue does not work anymore. Still play, excited for march.

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    21. Grew up with pokemon. I've had them all up to the 3rd generation. I stopped a little after the 4th generation, more over the fact that I broke my DS over Fire Emblem than a lost interest.
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    Started playing around the time they started airing the anime in Norway, I think it was in 1998 or something. Currently training my all-star team before going into Mt. Ashwillroflstompyou on Heartgold^^

    19, 20 in a month.
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    21 and I've been playing since gold/silver (Christmas 2000).
    since then I have played every poke'mon game boy release.
    bought heart gold this year and play it on and off when I get bored with wow/sc2/bf:bc2/lol/nfs:hp2/cod:bops
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    ahh i used to play a few years ago but currently i take the ds sometimes hehe . im 25.

    long short story.

    i caught an adamant rayquaza ( SOO DAMN PRETTY ) , took me 4 hours to catch , resetting many times since 100000 ultra balls were not enuff , then tried to clon , then he said - PWNT! me get out here !! i was like ... well guess i deserve that QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ.

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    17 and my first was yellow version, love the games but dont play anymore because i lost my DS.

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    im 18 and i still play from time to time. Unfortunatly i dont own a DS so i can only play Emerald, due to all my other cartridges being corrupted or lost. Damn i wish i could find Sapphire. i had 2 shiney pokemon!

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    19, played since red and blue! Can't see myself stopping either

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    I'm 16 and have played Pokemon since I was 5 (Gold). I've buyed every single game version of Pokemon since then . But I haven't played that much Diamond and Pearl, and right now I'm playing Soul Silver ^^.

    I don't have that many stories but when I played Diamond with a friend, I had been struggeling with Azelf for an hour and my friend told me to use a serious look when throwing the Pokeball.

    "After an hour" ><
    "Tip" :L
    *Throws Pokeball* ಠ_ಠ
    "Congratulations! You have caught Azelf." :O

    and I have used this trick since then *takes a sip of apple juice*.
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    If I had a DS I'd be playing Pokemon RIGHT NAO! :3
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    i quit playing 2-3 days after i bought silver it was fun when it was just the original pokemon but all that new crap is idiotic

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    21, been playing since red/blue first came out. Still love it but barely any of my friends play it, or atleast not seriously so i often lose the motivation to finish them since i wont have anyone to play. Only just heard of the new games, if there good i might force me and my housemate to buy them at the same time. And i agree with the people saying when you go to uni more people play it, its pretty strange really lol.

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    I used to play a lot when blue/red was popular. After firered/leafgreen I mostly stopped playing since I never got a DS. Now I'm 17 and I never play at all, except on rare occasions when I'm on vacation. I still watch Pokemon on TV when I'm bored though

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    Im 20 and I still play them on the odd ocasion. I first started playing them when I was 6-7 years old? Grade 1 or 2. I used to have red and hated people with blue D: I eventually got yellow but I hated pikachu so I hated that game a lot.

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    You do realize theres 2 threads going atm the momment on the pokemon rpg.

    OT: I'm 17 and have never really gotten into pokemon.

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    I do not enjoy playing the same thing over and over and over again, albeit i did enjoy the original ones like red and blue.... and maybe yellow :3

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    21 and still play from time to time
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    Got Red and Blue when I was in 4th grade. Got the trade cables banned in my elementary school. I still play, I have to pokewalker on me at all times at the gym.

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