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Thread: Pokémon!

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    I got my first pokemon game when I was like 5. Now I believe I own every game that was released untill after Leaf green/Fire red.

    Its amazing how much english you learn from video games

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    i frickin grew up with that game and i love it

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    Pokémon is awesome, gotta love it.

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    I still play Blue and Red.

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    I actually own the japenese green version and used to be able to play it since i had every game and move at what level memorized..... now i can hardly do anything

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    Oh I remember another memory now!

    I had just gotten the 8th Gym badge (iirc, could be the 7th) in the Gold version and my friend (he had already completed the game) told me to go this tower to meet Ho-Oh! I went ape and after the long climb to the top I saved my game and confronted the beast.. I can't remember how but we then realised that I only had 13 Great Balls!

    My friend just facepalmed and told me I couldn't go back to the shop and I was stuck here... so I had no other choice but to try and catch him/her/it! And after barely 10minutes he/she/it was caught.

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    21. started with red & blue till gold & silver. then stopped until HG & SS came out.... <.<

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    played red, then silver, then yellow. took a break cuz all the new pokemon after that were lame, and the games were boring. then got firered for nostalgic reasons. was epic, although too easy. i can beat the elite 4 with 4 pokemon 5 lvls lower than the opponent's. when a pokemon type has a weakness towards another type, the weakness is wayyy too crippling, thus making the games too easy to be fun anymore at age 21

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    19, gotta catch em all man
    credits go to cazy

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    Played since red/blue. Silver/Gold were my favourite. I still happily play SS. <3 Typhlosion.

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    i'm 17 atm i dont play anymore but i used to play since pokemon gold, silver and crystal to pokemon pearl and diamond

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    Next week 22, played through red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, sapphire, firered, emerald an diamond.
    I fear I lost my path there, diamond couldn't catch me anymore like in "the good old times".

    Maybe I'll test out White but not sure yet.
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    I started playing when I was 7 and stopped at 13 (1998-2004) I'm 19 now. I gotta say, Pokemon is the best gaming experience Ive had up to date. You could bring your GameBoy everywhere, and I was one of them hardcore's that actually sat under a parasol and played on the beach (sad I know, ofc I took a bath now and then but....had to lvl...had to get badges...) when were on family holidays. I was under 10 years then so getting tan and impress the girls wasnt prio 1 then.

    My best friend also played Pokemon, and so it became like a contest when every game came out: Who could lvl fastest, who could get the rare Pokemons first, who got all the badges first, etc.

    I started with Pokemon Yellow (were Pikachu followed you <3 ) then Red & Blue, Gold & Silver, Ruby & Sapphire. I was pretty spoiled and had always two Game Boys (Gameboy Pocket, then Colour, then Advanced, then SP, got em all in order, so got 4 Game Boys stashed around somewhere) and a link to trade various monsters between profiles. And ofc battle my mate, only to bring him down match after match .

    Reason I stopped was, the game lost its challenge, it became too easy. When I started my 3/4th Ruby/Sapphire profile in 2004 I kinda knew the routine, I understood so fast how to do what. Yes its fun just to mess around and catch Pokemon's, but gets a bit boring after a while. I quit while I was on top, and I remember doing all the research to catch Rayquaza in Ruby/Saph and to finally - catch him!

    Pokémon stays as one of the best gaming experiences of my childhood, and the fact I could bring it with me everywhere made it just totally frigging awesome. I miss when I went to sleep over at my mates house to play Pokemon all day and til we fell asleep, then back on as soon as we woke up.
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    My name is Fiddlesnarf and I approve of this thread.

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    23, not sure yet might check black or white

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    I'm fifteen, and have been playing since red and blue. (So yes, since I was three. I grew up on Pokemon. )

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    18 since i was 10.
    Video games and the female audience.

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    I'm 21 and playing since I got my hands on Red version. I never went for Sapphire/Ruby, don't know why that is.

    Silver/Gold was at the time so damn awsome. It's possibly one of my best gaming experiences yet. Pearl/Diamond were cool, and with Platium it was quite awsome. Had lots of fun end-game content to do as well, and I've been playing it for so many hours. I got SoulSilver, but never bothered with it, it was such a letdown. It's nowhere near Platinum, and the Pokéradar is missing.

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    my submarine. it's long, hard and full of seamen.
    I've played since I was 8, and I'm 18 now. Played Yellow, Crystal, and now I play Emerald! Luv my level 100 Rhyhorn. :3

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    Pókemon red and silver :3

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