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Thread: Pokémon!

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    I played Pokemon since Yellow and stopped playing after Pearl and Diamond. I remember going crazy getting a golden magikarp fishing one day x)

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    I'm 17 and still play pokemon. Red/Blue was the bomb though. I even got pokemon leaf green and fire red on my iTouch

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    18 y/o played since red/blue but stopped after generation 3, it simply stopped beeing as amazing

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    22 and still got one of the newer ones around somewhere. that said, red, blue, green and yellow (at a push, since youre stuck with that bastard pikachu) are still the best. i bet most people could name the first 151 pokemon on sight even if they insist this couldnt be true ^ ^

    i need to find an emulator for one of the old ones for my pc.

    also people should be adding their personal favourite to the end of their post lol

    for me it has to be Bulbasaur (im nearly 23... > <) which is why Pearroc is my favourite mmo forum mod lol (shammy forums, where the mods have to carry flamethrowers and white phosphorus grenades) at least til he changees his avatar. (very closely closely followed by Gherkin off the lock forums.) back on topic i like electrode as well.

    i used to collect the cards as well, what a money sink -.- wish i could go back in time and convince my 12 year old self to save up for a decent guitar XD
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    20, but I havent played in MANY a years.
    I remember beeing badass in silver when that came out (got myself the gameboy advance), and before that I helped my friends in Red, Blue and Yellow (didn't have my own gameboy then).

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    17 and I've been playing since the Yellow gameboy color version.

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    16 and have played since Red Blue and Yellow. I have 487 caught of 487 seen and out of a total possible 493(give or take 1) pokemon >: ) Pokemon rules!

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    im 14 and have played it since emerald i think

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    I've been playing Pokémon every now and then since I first heard about it. I'm 19 years now

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    17 and can't wait for black and white

    Also I finished the pokedex so ha!

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    I only played red and blue when they first came out. Lost interest when newer versions came out.

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    25, since R/B.

    Hate the anime and how it portrays it. Love the adventure/special manga series and how it portrays it and glad Viz decided to restart it recently for western audiences.

    Game lacks innovations and has consistantly had a crap UI, it's far too random factor based in and out of battle, and in battle it's just high damage, low health, and random luck based. Turn based battling is too old hat now...

    HG/SS brought back the concept of a decent story line again, but all the other games after the first two gens and remakes, and likely all future lack it.

    The 3D console versions are just crap, though the few RPGs which were tacked on to them weren't too bad.

    There's too many pokemon, and their styling used to reflect their types, but they're far too abstract and obscure for that now, so you pretty much need to spend all your time playing or keep looking up info while you play.

    Typing system sucks too...

    Having said all that, as some who were around when i was in the IRC chan know, i've had the idea for ages and written out conceptual design stuff for how to implement a new form of Pokemon mmorpg, and while based on how it could work using wow as the game engine to mod from, it could be applied to a new engine.

    Maybe some day gamefreak learn to design modern day games and bring their gameplay, systems and UIs up to modern standards.

    Also, i hack the crap out of the games cos i'm fed up with it's failings and it's the only fair way to level the playing field for battles (equivelent of premades in wow).
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    I'td be awesome if they created it with a little more towards slightly older people.

    Anyway, I'm 21, and while I'd probably never admit it in person unless confronted, I do still enjoy playing. Most especially during longer road trips.

    Took a long drive to Florida one year for vacation with the family, and I seriously played it for like 6 hours straight. Fastest drive to florida for me ever.

    Back in elementary I went to a day care after school ended, and pokemon cards were all the rage during that stuff. It was great.

    I have to say though, min maxing in pokemon is far more difficult than min maxing in any other game I've played, PC, console or otherwise. IVs, HVs, move sets, teams, ect. Breeding....uhgggg breeding.

    I use to be so into it I'd buy both copies when they realesed them even though they were the exact same. I also had two handhelds so I could trade pokemon between myself.

    Now a days I'll just grab one version, like I got Heart Gold right now but not Soul Silver (or w/e it was). I'll probably get White when it comes out.

    And thats not a racist comment!

    I probably still have a full binder of pokemon cards laying around somewhere, although I'd have no idea where.
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    16 in a little bit and played since Pokemon Blue. Can't wait to get Pokemon White. I had so much luck with shiny pokemon in Emerald but that luck ran out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darios View Post

    Also I finished the pokedex so ha!
    Same here, save Ho-oh.. =(
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    Im 14 and i still pick up silver and speed run it sometimes

    oh abra thou are OP
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    Started playing Pokemon at 4 or 5 years old with Red, got bored at Sapphire/Ruby, hated doing the same thing over and over again (8 badges -> final 4 -> end)

    Don't see how people like it, outside the RPG/battles. It's the same game over and over and over, except with little things being added on each time like those "fashion contest" things or whatever they were, or other useless things.
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