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    Bios USB keyboard not working

    I have tried using 2 keyboards a USB keyboard and a PS/2 keyboard in the bios.

    It works fine with the old PS/2 keyboard.
    When using a USB keyboard it doesn't respond to any action.

    I've tried searching through the bios and only found the following settings


    But its already active, would their be any other reason why it doesn't work in the bios?

    Any help would be great, thank you

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    tried different usb ports yet?
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    Yep tried all on back and all on front :*(

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    You mean the USB keyboard wont work at all or only in the bios? As alot of keyboards have drivers to load after the boot process to work... so you have to use an older keyboard to set things up in bios.

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    I just went searching for my old USB keyboard i got with the computer, i unplugged my current usb keyboard and plaugged it into into the same USB slot and it worked at bios

    I guess it's just this keyboard ah well thanks very much for helping anyway

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