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    Computer Build sites

    Does anyone know of any other decent sites where i can do some computer builds at? i have currently looked at newegg.com tigerdirect.com ibuypower.com. Just wondering if there is any other decent sites out there that i am missing

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    You can probably ask this in the thread you already have

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    Newegg by far has the cheapest deals, and most orders over $50 USD are free shipping. They also ship and process AMAZINGLY fast, so don't even bother choosing the overnight thing.

    Tigerdirect is slightly more expensive, but the reason I'd go there is because they have some really great sales every once in awhile, you'll occasionally find things that are $20-$60 cheaper than what they were originally listed for.

    I have not tried ibuypower but I do recommend to STAY AWAY FROM BESTBUY LIKE THE FUCKING PLAGUE.

    LOL. 4 foot HDMI cable for 120 dollars? Give me a break.

    But anyway, Newegg/tigerdirect are mainly all you need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dranx View Post
    Newegg by far has the cheapest deals, and most orders over $50 USD are free shipping.
    uh, no.

    @OP are you looking to build your own computer or buy a prebuilt one?
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    Looking into either one to see what kind of ball park its gonna run me

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    Since you didn't specify what country you're talking about, I'm going to assume you're Swedish.
    are two good sites that I could recommend.

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