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    You won 10,000,000!

    What would you do with the money?

    1. Give 100,000 to my mother, and also buy her a nice car.

    2. Buy me an overpowered, overpriced gaming PC.

    3. Invest the rest and never have to work again in my life.

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    Pay of my parents bills.
    Buy some gift for my friends, family and myself.
    Invest em, and maybe do some shares.
    A new car.
    H E R O E S

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    Buy a bunch of houses and rent them out.

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    I'd pay blizzard to fire ghostcrawler and hire a pally fan for a dev... lol

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    Burn all but 10mil. Invest 9mil and live in a fairly average comfortable home.

    Thanks to Amalisa for this great Sig!

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    Continue doing what I'm doing, but with some class.

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    Quit WoW right away and save it until I am ready to create a feature length film to launch my career.
    "It's clear this is another bash Apple thread. Such things are not conducive to a good discussion."

    WRONG! Those are the BEST discussions!

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    Id spend prob a mil or two over years, invest/bank the rest.
    Not occupying myself with something like work would kill me, Id probably start my own business of some sort.
    Get a sweet flat in a city and party it up =D

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    I'd hire some game artists to update the orc and human models

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    - Buy a BMW 550i or something like it.
    - Buy a house of max 1 million. Or either a more regular house situated at the edge of a city, when the city will expand the house will be worth more. Though if I invest in a bigger house, one like of 1 million, it'll grow in worth even more.
    - Buy a house for my mother of max 1 million too, but thats probably too big.
    - Budget for decorating the houses (including kitchen, bathroom, tv, sound systems, garden etc): 500000
    - Buy an ATB, Racingbike and a very comfortable city bike. (Gazelle Orange xtra)
    - Buy an alienware laptop and pc, or something comparable up to max 18000
    - Buy the best smartphone and maybe an ipad
    - Ill be taking lessons for all drivers licenses out there.
    - Quit my current education because i don't like it anymore. Take a commercial economy education and study for electrotechnics.
    - Ill probably start working as traindriver.
    - Travel around the world
    - Maybe some more stuff. After doing all this ill still be having about 7 million left. I'll give 200.000 to everybody in my family.
    - The rest I will put on savings or start investing with it.

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    Probably set up my own cafe or LAN shop, or perhaps combine the two. Would be something fairly unique, and I'd even be able to hire a couple of bouncers if keyboard warriors turn out to be wannabe troublemakers as well.

    Invest in property, let the money become more money. Make sure both sets of my parents are comfy for the remainder of their lives, and spend 100000 on a gift for my girlfriend. Lotsa other little things to do, I'm not really sure how I'd even spend 2 mil, much less 10..

    Edit: Flipkip has a great idea! Would love to travel around the world, see as many cultures as possible while I'm young and energetic enough. and I suppose that'd be a fairly quick way to burn money :P

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    Pay my parents loan and bills.
    Buy a Saab (a nice car) to my dad.

    Get the best Mac Pro with 2 TB SSD, 3x 27'', 32 gig RAM, 2x 3,4 ghz and put a couple of awesome graphic cards Oh, and I'll go to Oxford.
    Congratulations on graduating to expert level trolling, I would stick around but I'm busy getting gay married in 13 states and performing roadside abortions while passing bills that take away people's guns while i sip superior european wine and cheese i bought with european style socialist money, arrivaderci!

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    -Pay my mom's debts
    -Give it all to her so she can invest it
    -Pay for college

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urbi View Post
    Burn all but 10mil. Invest 9mil and live in a fairly average comfortable home.
    You only won 10 mil to begin with...

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    I'd pay off my debts then some of my friend's debts.

    time for an investment : a new car, a new apartment and some phot gear upgrades. possibly move out of the country.

    invest the rest for a comforting future

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    - Pay off any debts my parents have.
    - Make sure they have enough so they can retire any time they choose.
    - Invest a large portion of it
    - Upgrade my Net and Computer
    - Buy a nice car (nothing fancy, <$40,000)
    - Travel the world.
    - Eventually start a small business (after enough prep and planning that it (hopefully) doesn't fall through)

    That's about it. Probably give a chunk to charities or something.

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    Buy a bunch of cool stuff for friends and family, maybe get a couple of decent houses, invest in a recording studio and a small label for my music and my friend's, and give to a good charity.

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    Colorado, USA.
    - Pay off my student loans.
    - Pay off my parents' debt.
    - Buy my dad a new car that has a properly-functioning clutch system.
    - Take my family and boyfriend traveling to some of the places I have seen but they haven't.
    - Sit on the rest of it, living just how I would if I didn't have the money. Only without having to go to work every day. ^.^

    Edit: Oh, and I'd buy myself a really nice gaming/graphics computer.

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    Get that damn sandstone drake.

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