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    Google it
    -Techno,electro,hip-hop,power metal
    -Read Manga
    -Watch Anime
    -I love women
    -Never smoked,drunk or ingest any kind of illegal drugs
    -I hate unexpected load noises
    -Enjoy Hockey
    -Not a fan of most American sports(football,baseball,etc)
    -Sometimes I zone out when people are talking to me(mainly becuase they bore the fuck outta of me and just agree with the last thing they said)
    -I despise snooty people and want to tel them fuck you(never have but ive come close)
    -I never agree with my grandma becuase i dont like admitting shes right
    -Im a cartoonist who has never completed one comic
    -I daydream of my paradise all the time(Harem,Giant Manga Library,and a perfectly shaped body(not realyl fat but not in shape)
    -self confidence issues
    -Extremely Lazy
    -Personality shifts between depressed and overly happy.
    -I like Latina and Asian women more than caucasian(dating if i ever get one that is)
    -Im cautious around Red Heads do to past expierences with them(A.K.A my mom) T-T

    Thats me in a nutshell
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    Las Vegas, Nevada
    -loves heavy metal / death metal
    -love books about people's life stories
    -love women
    -i hate when people speak there mind in situations that arn't exceptable * like during a test*
    -i love football Eagles ftw
    - i hate soccer soo pointless
    - i love to speak my mind especially when it comes to peoples actions
    - i never agree with people who i never met
    - i play the Double bass
    - i love to listen to music and memorize lyrics that really made me happy cry sad or just make me feel bad ass
    - i am very confident
    - i am exstremly stuborn and hard headed
    - im cautious around most guys because A.) they either piss me or * or at least i think the will * or B.) they look like a dick
    - loves pizza

    well that's pretty much everything you need to know about me xD

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    Rezzing. Again.
    -I will be 24 on Thursday.
    -Taken. Don't ask. (Been living together for nearly 3 years now, and somehow don't want to kill him yet, yay!)
    -Never ever switched mains.
    -2 cats, a 16 year old recently diagnosed with kidney disease, and a 2.5 year old fluffy spazzball.
    -A parakeet to rule them all.
    -I love computers, animals, anything artistic.
    -I like Muse, and anime, and creating raid videos.
    -I actually look somewhat like my character.
    -My favorite color is blue!
    -I love to sing, but I can't sing alone in front of people. I have no issues singing in a group.
    -I hate roaches. OMG. Ew.
    -I try really hard to be nice to everyone, even if they're a jackass. Sometimes this bites me in the ass, but sometimes it pays off.

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    - i am a 47 year old aging punk rocker
    - i sang in bands for nearly 20 years
    - i have had nerd hobbies all my life, WoW being just one
    - I have too many tatoo's for many workplaces and have been refused employment because of them.
    - my paladin is named after my cat who is 8 years old and the bane/joy of my life
    - i never leave home without reading material, unless i am off to a gig/pub/party
    - i play WoW from a cyber cafe as we dont have an internet connection where i live
    - i live in australia but was born and raised in new Zealand
    - i enjoy most football codes and cricket, but loathe tennis and most other sports
    - i have a messy bedroom but anally tidy house
    - i have had a couple of serious relationships but havent dated in years
    - i rarely reply to emails or even read them but can talk for hours on the phone
    - i am impatient with people who dont pull their weight at work and get annoyed when i have to explain things more than twice.
    - i reckon people take life far too seriously, particularly on forums like these

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    Pretty much every type of music (Except Christian)
    Loves Food
    Loves Women
    Drinks Occasionally, smoked weed once, was fun.
    Love the 360
    Love knives, guns, explosions, trucks, etc, true red neck at heart.
    Drives a big red truck, getting dual exhaust for it soon.
    Dance Central is the shit
    Sings, but does not sing in front of people.
    I have many throwing knives
    I hunt
    I fish
    I skin
    I have a throwing tomahawk, a combat knife and a boot knife that I can draw in a split-second.
    I love wearing Button-down shirts, (plaid), jeans, a cowboy hat and boots.
    I am recieveing 25 guns and a house in Texas once my grand father dies.
    I plan on living in Texas
    I have no idea what I want do to for a living, all I know is I dont want to have to sit in an office all day typing on a computer.
    My only talents are ones that an assassin would want. (good shot, stealthy, good at judging distances and where to lead my shot). Also agile for my size and love running obstacle courses.
    I feel like the best time for me to live in would be During western expansion.
    Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le sacre mercenaire." ("Long live death, long live war, long live the cursed mercenary.)

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    Uninja'd States of Amerikill
    17 year old high school student
    I am absolutely infatuated with electronics
    Can't stand team sports
    Play the guitar
    I enjoy freerunning being that I'm a good sprinter and jumper
    Geek out over remixed classic game soundtracks
    Love to drive fast but can't afford my own car
    Occasional artist, pencil only. Can't paint worth crap
    Dislike the area I live in, too suburbia, no one has any originality
    Been hooked on mecha/action animes since little kid, can't stand many of the newer action ones though (I'm looking at you bleach)
    Would absolutely love to travel all across the world through my life
    Relatively strange, often change my mind on things a lot
    Extremely lazy
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    Orange Park, Fl
    - I'm 17 years old (turning 18 in 2 and a half weeks)
    - I'm a male
    - Was born in New York City but now i live in Florida :/
    - I play soccer (futbol)
    - I'm hispanic but the only "hispanic" thing about me is that i'm fluent in spanish (some kids here are so proud of their heritage but cant even speak it's native language, it's quite sad)
    - I'm 6,0 (180 cm) and weight 160
    - I'm a senior in highschool and is part of the masses that is still unsure of what they want to major in
    - I enjoy riding my bike and longboard to get around town
    - I ride goofy even though i'm right footed
    - I'm not part of the stereotypical part of the US teens that drink and do drugs at party's (though i did use to do weed but i quit due to realizing that i didnt enjoy not being in the right state of mind)
    - I regret not being interested in drama and acting in my earlier years of highschool due to how my peers labled it.
    - been playing wow (on my own account) since S2 of BC.
    - Used to play counter strike like a fiend when i was younger
    - I enjoy reading novels and watching movies (for the plot, not cause it's filled with mindless action that isnt creative)
    - favorite type of games are adventure, platformers, rpgs, and of course wow (all other mmo's fail though i have high hopes for SW: TOR)
    - I love screamo, indie, alternative rock, experimental rock and hate today's rap and most if not all country music
    - oh yeah i broke my arm when i was in 2nd grade
    "Didn't we have some fun...though? Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said 'Goodbye' and you were like 'No way' and then I was all 'We pretended we were going to murder you'......that was great"

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    -I'm 19 years old
    -Born and raised in Connecticut
    -I'm in the Navy (Part of the Nuclear Program)
    -I've been playing the trumpet for the past 13 years
    -Love anime/manga
    -Play a Rogue and a Priest on WoW
    -Very quiet and shy until you get to know me better

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    Here, not there.
    -Art Student (Visual Effects Major)
    -Had a major nerdgasm from the latest Tron movie
    -Enjoys the occasional anime (currently watching Devil May Cry)
    - Always played a Mage, Hunter, Paladin (however i love my priest now)
    -I am very quite

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    -I'm 21 and male
    -I'm still in college
    -I've been playing WoW since release
    -I'm a gigantic comic book and movie nerd
    -I play the bass, piano and violin
    -I'm a college student. My major is clinical lab science. Science!
    -I'm single...ladies -.^

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    Lets give this a shot

    - 16
    - Male
    - Waiting on a place at a computer academy
    - Been playing since September '08
    - Single (the curse of wow!)
    - Lived in southwest london all my life
    - Retribution for the whole of Wrath, now MS Tank and enjoying it
    - I enjoy my junk food, though i can't seem to put on any weight
    - I try to be polite but my anger usually gets the best of me
    - Can be quite hypocritical
    - I daydream alot

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    The line between insanity and brilliance.
    Quote Originally Posted by I stand in fire View Post
    - I'm a 22 male living in the United States
    - I'm going to school, but considering going into the military
    I wouldn't suggest it. Unless you like being bent over the barrel. I did 13 years before I left, hated every single one.

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    ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡|̲̲̲͡͡͡ ̲▫̲͡ ̲̲̲͡͡π̲̲͡͡ ̲̲͡▫̲̲͡͡ ̲|̡̡̡ ̡ ̡͌l
    -I'm male.
    -A virgin
    -Have no idea what I want to do with my life
    -I think about it all freaking day long
    -I dropped out of high school because I thought I'd kill myself if I stayed
    -I've never told anyone that's the reason I quit
    -I'm going to college now and studying finance
    -People often think I'm an idiot because I act silly
    -I'm probably one of the most joyful people you could ever meet
    -I know for a fact you would like me if you met me
    -I can't get a girlfriend because the only girls I'm interested in are too good for me
    -I've been waiting for an epiphany for years, still haven't had one
    -My dad died when I was 12 from a brain tumor
    -I'm really good at guitar
    -I watch a lot of anime
    -No one in my Japanese class knows XD
    -I wish I had more like-minded friends
    -I'm absolutely terrible at rating things, like whether a test is hard or easy or a movie is good or bad, I really just don't know
    -I like anonymity

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    -im 18
    -living the dream, i live in the rockies, i rock and roll all night part of everyday, i have things to do so i can only rock and roll from like 1 to 3 during the day
    -i snowboard 3-4 times a week
    -i dont have a job, and i drink too much, so im running out of money
    -i am going into engineering at Dalhousie
    -I play alliance, but i think horde is pretty cool
    -As soon as i got my dk to 85, i got bored of it and rerolled pally
    -i used to play mage, and go figure when i stop they get OP in the only class i like to play
    -i like tecktonick music/dance, but i hate the tecktonick style(stripes and tight white thanks)
    -i miss my dog
    -i miss my brother and sister
    -i like to get to know people, and i like to have fun...
    -i have no patience for people who never want to do anything
    -i play rugby, i have broken my collar bone, got a concussion, tore a muscle, broken toes and sprained fingers all while playing rugby
    -physics is a passion of mine
    -i love to watch movies and quote them...i think eddie murphy is hilarious, but his new movies are crap, maybe its because his girl just wants to party all the time
    -i have an amazing family, and im doing aight

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    Bristol, United Kingdom
    - Male 20
    - Currently At University in Bristol, UK
    - Have been single 6 years
    - Spends a good proportion of my time Playing Warcraft
    - Family is of Irish Decent
    - Eats Too Much Take-Away Food! (Mcdonalds and Pizza are the main culprits)
    - On RTS Games when not playing WoW (Company of Heroes and C&C)
    - Goalkeeper in Football (Trying to get my edge back)
    - Occasionally Plays Rugby (Usually on the Wing)
    - Special Constabulary Applicant
    - Thinks I need to get out more
    - Enjoys The Old School Gaming

    Hunter | Paladin | Druid | Death Knight
    Mage | Priest | Warrior | Shaman
    "In the light.. We are one"

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    Illinois, United States
    - I am Christian, and firm in that faith. I won't push my beliefs on others, nor do I think the world should revolve around my worldview. I tolerate and respect others to the best of my ability, and understand that neither myself nor anyone else is perfect.
    - I'm 27.
    - I'm a straight male.
    - I'm single, but I dated this girl for 3 years before she broke it off almost 2 years ago. Still not over her. Still want to marry her. But she's with someone else now.
    - I live in the Chicagoland area in the US.
    - I love the Chicago Cubs. Baseball is really the only sport I enjoy.
    - I love indie rock, indie pop, dance, trance, and a few other genres of music, like the music from Glee and certain soundtracks.
    - I love films. Comic book movies, Lord of the Rings, quirky indie flicks like Eternal Sunshine and Garden State. I usually prefer the films that receive good reviews, and typically hate the "crap for the masses" type junk that's thrown at us.
    - I love video games, though WoW has taken up 95% of my gaming the last few years. I also have a Wii, PS2 and DS.
    - Some favorite TV shows include The OC, Scrubs, Lost, The Office, Friends, HIMYM, Chuck, and The Vampire Diaries.
    - I love to read, but haven't done too much of it lately. My mind wanders too much when I get started. Graphic novels are teh sex, however.
    - Favorite anime films/series include: Nana, Grave of the Fireflies, Clannad, Clannad After Story, Cowboy Bebop, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away.
    - Still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, and I'm currently unemployed.
    - I enjoy writing casually from time to time.
    - I've been thinking about starting up a blog or two, about WoW and/or music.
    - I started playing WoW around the time of the Blackwing Lair patch. I didn't start raiding until Wrath. I was main tank of a couple different guilds, until that burned me out and my hunter became my new main.
    - I was such an achievement whore on my paladin. I collected a lot of different mounts, pets, etc. on that character as it was the only one I really played (I had a lot of time on my hands, being newly single). Now with my hunter as my main, I wish I could transfer all that stuff!
    - I made quite a bit on the AH last year. At one point I got up to around 250k gold, until I started spending more over the last month of Wrath and got lazy making it back. After decking out my hunter over the past month, I got down to less than 1k just a couple days ago. I'm back up to 10k today and working my way back into the AH game.
    - So far my hunter is my only 85. My paladin is at 84, been leveling it casually. I prefer Ret over Prot now. I also have a shaman at 81 (resto/ele), and a death knight at 80. I had a blast healing on the shaman at the end of Wrath, but I'm a bit nervous about it now. The death knight, to me, is boring as hell.
    - Some favorite foods include: pizza, spaghetti, pretty much any Italian/Mexican food, Subway, Taco Bell, candy that's bad for you, ice cream, popcorn.
    - I enjoy just driving around. If I had a nice car with a decent stereo system and CD/MP3 player I'd do it more often. And a girl. :P
    - I'm attractive, I guess. I'm not full of myself or anything, it's just what others have told me. Some of my guy friends tell me that if they were a girl...well that's a bit unnerving, actually.
    - I'm passionate when it comes to relationships and my hobbies and interests. It's hard finding a job or career to be passionate about, though.
    - I'm not much of a drinker. I can hold my own, but I'm not a party hard type. I dig a small gathering with a few close friends just chilling.
    - I want to see more live music. None of that headbanging, mosh pit, sweaty and uncomfortable type of concerts. Bands I enjoy.
    - I really, really want a wife and kids. To go to sleep each night and wake up each morning to the same beautiful woman each day for the rest of your life, to me, is the ultimate dream. I truly envy those that have found that.
    - I want to learn more about computers and networks. In 2011 I'm hoping to find a job and build my own power PC. Blu-Ray movies, ultra WoW settings (with all my addons), holding all my music...yeah...
    - Never smoked, never did any drugs, and never will. Alcohol only. Maybe I'd try pot brownies someday if it was legalized. I'll also never get a tattoo. Keep it clean, keep it classy, I say.
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    Why would I post facts about myself? Nobody seems to care about me anyways. (Owait that's a fact)
    Question authority.

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    -22 Male
    -I'm going to the university, studying architechture atm, but seriously considering about dropping it
    -I was born in Argentina, and i live in Italy, yet people who don't know me always think i have nordic origins. (i guess having somewhat blonde hair and a pale skin doesn't fit for a mediterranean or sud-american guy, lol)
    -I'm fairly tall, 1.91 mt
    -I hate my Hair
    -I Love to draw
    -I choke while drinking or eating food with small pieces constantly, mostly 'cause i have a malformed larinx (? how do you spell it? the little piece that closes to separate trachea from esophagus)
    -I've been in love with the same Girl for like 5 years, before she shredded my heart to pieces
    -Maybe that's why I have problems now trusting someone enough
    -I like reading comic-books, but i don't collect them
    -I like both Hard Rock/Metal and Techno. That confuses my friends a bit, lol
    -I'm an altoholic
    -I practiced Karate (Shito-Ryu style) for 10 years, quitted when i got the black belt
    -I'm terrorized by any bug bigger than a fly
    Quote Originally Posted by Kujako View Post
    People playing games for fun, the BASTARDS!

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    I'm 18 years old and female.
    I don't know how tall I am but I was around 5'8'' last time I measured so that's what I say when people ask.
    I have light brown hair and blue eyes.
    I have 3 cats, but I don't like cats. I have a small rat-like dog that I dislike immensely, but I know nobody else would want him.
    I'm afraid of airplanes and getting stabbed to death.
    I'm not religious but I don't deny the existence of a higher being.
    I'm obsessed with the game Banjo-Kazooie.
    I used to really like drawing but I can never get myself to finish any of my pieces anymore. I was going to go to art school too, but I lost the passion for it.
    I got accepted into my first-choice college recently and I am going to major in psychology.
    Ironically, I don't like people that much and I don't really like listening to their problems. But I think psychology is neat.
    I don't really like kids that much. Sometimes I wish I had a younger sibling though.
    I live a drug-free life, but I hate the term "straight-edge" and I hate it when drug-free people try to convince non-drug-free people that they should stop doing drugs because they're bad.
    I am a firm believer that personal freedom is important.
    I have very strong opinions but I avoid conflict and I usually don't speak them.
    My doctor thinks that I have a social disorder, but I declined testing for it.
    I only have a few friends.
    I am kind of paranoid, but who isn't these days?
    I don't like my family that much and they don't like me either, so it's mutual.
    When I was younger I took Karate for several years. I quit just before I got my purple belt because I was lazy.
    I rarely exercise, but I am underweight. If I ever began to get overweight I would immediately start exercising.
    Aside from my lack of exercise, I am fairly healthy. I keep my consumption of sugar to a minimum and I avoid excessively fatty foods if I can.
    I woke up too early this morning and I don't know what else to do, otherwise I would've avoided this thread.
    I have a boyfriend (I hate that word but I don't know what else to call him) that I have been dating for almost 8 months now.
    I am very happy. =)
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    Dec 2010
    north dakota
    -in the USAF, love every minute of it
    -not really religious but i've read many differant religions bibles so i know the difference
    -divorced, single dad with two amazing little girls
    -started playing wow right after TBC was released
    -avid beer drinker
    -have and amercan boxer named tank best friend ever
    -main when i started was a holy paly went away from it in wrath but fell in love again with cata, healing is a blast
    -im a car junky
    -oh ya im 27

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