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    Meh, why not, i got time

    - Im 21
    - Im persian, born in germany and now live in california
    - Im an ambulance driver for a private company
    - I have been playing games since i had the motor skills to press down with my thumbs (first game, sonic the hedgehog)
    - I enjoy coffee, a lot, i tend to be unable to pvp if i dont have aleast 2 cups of coffee in me
    - I enjoy making people laugh, its fun
    - I have been told my voice is like ear sex, and i can do an announcer voice quite well
    - I dont drink, i dont smoke, i dont partake in drugs
    - I love technology and anything shiney and that requires power to operate
    - I enjoy playing Snes games, with all the uber graphics of the day, cant beat the story of Snes games
    - In high school ive been known as the gentle giant (6'2 and large body build) once they found out i was not a threat, i had to give a lot of piggy back rides to their next class
    - I have been playing wow since mid Vanilla, on a pvp server, played a prot warrior with my friends, they moved to alliance, had to delete my war and make an alliance rogue, then they all started to quit after mid BC so i jumped on my dk when wotlk season 6 was done with
    - I heart vanity items, i pretty much have nearly every item that can transform you into another thing/person
    - I like to watch movies, a lot, especially during times of grinding i have been known to watch the same movie 3-4 times (gladiator, could you blame me?)
    - I enjoy zombie movies
    - I enjoy when the hero of the movie dies
    - I enjoy black liquorish
    .o_à INDEED.
    "Trolls and Tauren will hold tea party rallies, claiming Garrosh to be a socialist muslim dictator."

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    - I'm 24 and I always forget my age.
    -I am an agnostic theist. If there is a God up there, he is "The Dude"
    -I live in Puerto Rico and I've never traveled. Hopefully moving to Halifax, Canada or Toronto in the near future.
    -I dropped out of college twice. Once was because the first college I was in did not have digital graphic design/animation. Second time was due to financial debt and I'm too stubborn to get a student loan and get in even more debt.
    -I studied music for 2 years, general studies for 1 year and graphic design for 3.
    -I've been using Photoshop since I was 14.
    -I am a bartender at a local irish pub. I wait tables on weekends since it gets packed.
    -I've tried every beer at my workplace (we have over 60 different kinds) so I can tell our customers about them. On my time off they wonder why I'm always drinking Bailey's.
    -I fucking LOVE Bailey's.
    -Engaged. Been together for 3 years and I've never been happier.
    -I've always been cheated on in my past relationships.
    -I sometimes go into a trance where I go in full inspiration mode and say very deep things. I often forget them.
    -I've been guilty of smoking twice, calmed my nerves a bit but I don't feel the need to smoke.
    -Even though I'm the chubby guy in my group of friends I've never been single for long....Something to do with my charisma?
    -I used to love anime but the fanbase ruined it for me.
    -I love everything from jazz, blues, old rap/hip hop to metal.
    -I curse too much and people think I'm constantly mad even though I'm relaxed.
    -I like cursing.
    -I don't like watching TV series unless I consider them godly (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, anything on AMC)
    -I love playing Dungeons and Dragons. I also DM
    -I race changed my undead rogue to orc because I believe Blizzard did an amazing job with Garrosh as warchief.

    -I also own a mutt. Her name is Kiki and she is the best dog ever.
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    - I'm 27
    - I'm female
    - My first toon was a Troll Rogue (and not the cliche healer)
    - I have been to 12 countries (not including the US where I am from)
    - I speak conversational Czech and French
    - I drive a Prius
    - I work in fashion
    - I own 2 great danes
    - I love to pvp but don't do it as often as I would like
    - I'm an Apple user tried and true.
    - I received my degree from USF in Art Studio
    - I am a professional photographer

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    I'm 44.
    I'm male.
    I'm single (divorced for over 2 years).
    I've been gaming since the very first gaming console came out on the market in the early '70's (Pong).
    I've been playing WoW since 4 months before BC came out.
    My roots are in FPS gaming (Duke Nukem 3D, Doom 1-3, Unreal Tournament 1-4, Battlefield series, Counter Strike).
    I'm half Greek on my Mom's side of the family.
    My first modem was a 200 baud modem. Compare that to the 56000 baud rate that is around today...yes it was VERY slow.
    I absolutely love to BBQ for friends and family (mostly steaks, roasts, and burgers).
    I live in Northern California.
    I am an Army Veteran.
    Food: Pepperoni Pizza.
    Music: Classical to Death Metal, Trance to Australian Aborigine music. The only things I don't listen to are Rap or hip hop.
    I am a receptionist.
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    - People either love me or hate me, there is usually no middle ground
    - I am coarse and abrasive most of the time, but I genuinely like to teach and help people
    - I love my little dog, use baby talk when I speak to her, have her picture taken with santa, and keep pictures of her in my wallet
    - I have taken many lives in service to my country and don't feel the slightest bit of remorse or guilt
    - Children strangely love me and want to hang around me and play with me all the time even though i'm uncomfortable around them
    - I drink Diet Dr Pepper
    - In my childhood i've had a skunk, ferrets, a pig, chickens, horses, and raccoons as pets as well as dogs
    - I have had 7 dogs as pets at a single time before, though nowadays I'm content with 3
    - I have slept with all 3 of my sister's best friends, though not at the same time
    - I have been to Japan, all over the Caribbean, Ireland, Scotland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Great Britain, Egypt, probably more places I can't think of atm.
    - I've seen the pyramids and the sphinx in person and I was sorely disappointed in both how small they were in person and how you can see them from my hotel
    - Women are drawn to me and fall in love with me easily, but the only woman i've ever loved never loved me back.
    - I have low opinions of humanity in general.

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