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    My vote goes for:

    Rick Astley Never gonna give you up

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    master of puppets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorgie View Post
    Anything by Justine Beiber imo.
    you are clearly mentally ill.

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    Live and Learn - Crush 40

    Ballad of Sir Kibbles -

    Passing of the Blue Crown -

    The General - Dispatch

    Freetime - Kenna

    --Just to name a few things nobody else will name, likely due to not knowing of their existance. The moar you know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorgie View Post
    Anything by Justine Beiber imo.
    obvious is troll is obvious.

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    Angel and Teardrop by Massive Attack are two songs everyone can and should like.

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    The Beatles - Come Together

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    Tears Dont Fall. (Bullet for my valentine).

    Also /agree with original A Tout Le Monde. Altho you have to be in the right mood for it.

    Birthday Dethday by Dethklok.

    44 Minutes or Sweating Bullets by Megadeth.

    Cigaro by System of a Down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 93sika View Post
    Sarah Brightman - Any song really
    Couldn't agree more.


    Bob Dylan - The Times they are A-Changin'
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis
    Journey - Don't Stop Believing
    David Bowie - Suffragette City
    The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale
    The worst wizard this side of the Circle Sea.

    Quote Originally Posted by Machine View Post
    Cataclysm is viagra. Only God knows what it tastes like, but it sure as hell gives me a boner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chanveil View Post
    What are the few songs that you just love, and that you think everyone out there should give a chance. I am thinking more under the radar songs that most people wouldnt know.

    My first suggestions...

    Vince Martin - Wild Child in a World of Trouble

    The Avett Brothers - Shame

    Iron & Wine - Trapeze Swinger
    YOu can't really say song that everyone should like and give some of your favourite songs. I think this is really about classics that most people should know the lyrics to, or atleast the chorus.

    Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

    Let Me Take You Out - Bryan J ft. Travis Porter

    Giga Pudding, Everybody Dance Now, Celebration, Stairway to Heaven, U Can't Touch This, Back in Black, Soothsayer (srsly),Good Day Sunshine, etc.

    some of these are personal taste too. But you cant post songs without always refferring to opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by Grubber View Post
    My vote goes for:

    Rick Astley Never gonna give you up
    So true. People have to know this.
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    "The biggest problem with people these days is not that they set their goals to high and do not reach them, it's that they set their goals to low, reach them, and become satisfied...." NEVER BECOME SATISFIED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skrump View Post
    I highly suggest you watch the following link as well as listening to the other songs on the album
    Have heard this one aswell as others from E.S Posthumus, theyre great, just didnt see it in my youtube favorites

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    Allegri's "Miserere mei, Deus".

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93sika View Post
    Glee - Don't stop believin'
    ...... Glee..... GLEE!!?!??!

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    This -

    And This -

    Even if you don't like this sort of music you need to like it, fo srs. WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB

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    Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

    Makes me happy everytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuvassinhellfire View Post
    ...... Glee..... GLEE!!?!??!
    This post right here proves that there is no song that everyone should or will like.

    Because people can I put this nicely? Hmm, guess I can't.
    By Blood and Honor We Serve!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfist View Post
    Because people can I put this nicely? Hmm, guess I can't.

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    surprised nobody has mentioned this song

    clearly the best song ever written

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