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    Honestly, metal, rock or whatever, gives me the creeps. Im more like the big jumping bald guy, that listen to psychedelic, so if you like psychedelic, here is a few artists.

    Psychedelic: Paranormal Attack, Neelix, Vibe Tribe, Indra (Which is my favourite), Growling Machines, G.M.S, and Astrix

    Progressive: DNA, Mystical Complex.

    Psytrance: Talamasca.

    Also, im a big fan of Reggae.

    Reggae: Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley, Cocoa Tea, Junior Cat, Bounty Killer, Pinchers, Buju Banton, Marlon Asha.

    And no, im rarely sober.

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    I am under the impression that anything that has vocals is bound to be disliked by someone, because tastes in that aspect vary so much.

    However i've been unable to find any of those that appeal to everyone unfortunatly, some good suggestions would be awesome. The main problem with finding something likeable for everyone is that some fans of a couple of genres tend to instantly dismiss anything that isn't in or close to their genre (rap, trash metal, gospel and classical for example)

    As I have given up the hope of finding a song everyone likes, let me just give you 3 good instrumentals:
    Be'lakor - husks
    Welicoruss - To Far Worlds
    Neaera - Life damages the living

    and how could I forget about this classic:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuvassinhellfire View Post
    ...... Glee..... GLEE!!?!??!
    Sorry - I could of course just say "Joe McEldery" though I wanted to choose specific "known" artists - obviously you knew Glee xx

    And let's add this one to the list

    Alex C feat. Jasmin K. - Angel of Darkness *Points at signature* <3

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    There are already plenty of these topics available to post your favorites in.

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