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    Normals > Normal Raids l heroics > heroics raids.........

    A poster on the us forums made that suggestion and I for one think it would be win/win. Heroics could be harder than they are now and raids just stay the same. Anyone that cannot handle that just does the normal mode for dungeons and then goes on to the normal raids.

    Heroic stuff drops much better gear ofc.

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    Honestly, this was how Wrath was at the start. The harder heroics were harder than Naxx. Granted, they were quickly outgeared, but still.

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    That would be really far from a win/win situation..

    Current difficulty level is pretty good. It forces people to actually learn how to work in a 5 man groups first and teaches people to learn how to efficiently use their classes. All of which are pre-reqs for people to actually perform in a 10/25 man environment.

    Anyway if there are huge demands for easier 'raid tier' there could be a watered down version of raids, which could provide the same gear as hc dungeons now,
    so the cycle could be something like:

    Normal dungeons (ilvl 333)
    -> HC dungeons, easy-mode raids (ilvl 346)
    -> normal mode raids (ilvl 359)
    -> HC raids (ilvll 372)

    Or is the reason behind this kind of request just the brainless drooling over purples?! Purples mean nothing if you get them too easily.
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