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    Very impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigsilly View Post
    Meh, still have to plug in a keyboard to login to WoW, and there is a reason i bought that 32" LCD
    Take a gander at either the nice video the people at razer have put together or the beautiful screenie of the full keyboard...thanks
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    is this your idea or a legit thing you can buy?
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    OMG nerdgasm incoming! :O
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    They're putting an Atom inside it? What in the... Thanks, I'll stick with computers with reals CPUs in them. Based off that info, this thing is evidently an extremely shiny calculator.

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    I love science
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
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    What are you talking about?
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    was posten on before but first things first.

    keyoard = awsome! it beeing small is nice seeing it's suppose to be a mobile computer...

    still the show wow? warcraft 3 and quake in them who are not the most hardcore games that put a computer to the test! linky for the peeps that wanna know more

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    It's running on an Intel Atom, so basically it's a netbook with a fancy keyboard. It's far from any real PC games, only legacy stuff like Q3 was shown to work on it in the video.
    The whole "we've redefined gaming" sounds like a marketing trick - nothing new here, Optimus Maximus keyboard, that was around for a few years now, also did this, the hardware they are using in this "laptop" is just too crappy to run something more serious. People will end up paying for the fancy OLED (or whatever it's using) keyboard and a touchscreen, while the rest of the hardware will be miles behind these two things.

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    It is a great idea, but at the moment I just don't think they can make it powerful enough to justify buying one over a full sized laptop.

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    Ic an't wait for RAzer to incorporate this keyboard tech into their regular keyboards.

    Imagine a Lycosa with switchable, electronic keyboards and a touch screen.

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    i like it! :P seems nice and fresh

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    A. Amazed at the concept, but
    B. How good will this be for the more hardcore gaming/raiding/bgs, can't have it as a main computer really...
    C.How much would it cost, quite pricey i think
    D. Tiny.. tiny

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    As far as portable gaming goes, this device seems amazing. Hopefully the end product resembles the beta versions at least in some way.

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    Not enough buttons. Not to mention that the lack of ctrl (and by the looks of it even shift) will reduce the amount of possible buttons even more.

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    The way they zoom in and pan on it in the video makes me want to have sex with it.

    Still seems like crap, though.

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    They make desktop keyboards that will do this.

    They're monstrously expensive, IIRC.

    Also it's an awesome gimmick, but how often do you look at your keys to check your bindings?

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    Great. Now I need new pants XP

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    Not sure how well that's going to do with Warcraft on Wifi or 3G. =/
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    I don't think Hardcore Gaming is what's intended for this as much as Mobile PC Gaming with a Legit Interface.

    It runs Windows 7 and also has a browser and Multimedia Capability. So yes.. it's a Gaming/Media-centric Netbook with fancy keys. But the key in usage for something like this lies in the ability to use it on the fly and have a full interface.

    -At the Airport due to a layover? Log in and farms some mats.
    -At work on a break? Log in with your actual character and play the AH a bit (without paying an extra subscription fee).
    -Waiting in the car picking up the kid from school? Log in and knock out some dailies.

    Of course it will be signal dependent but they're looking into making a 3g enabled model and most tech-addicts have phones now that are capable of becoming mobile hotspots as well. Overall I think it's a cool little device and would much rather have that, than pay for WoW's Mobile Armory/AH on my phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrathblade View Post
    was posten on before but first things first.

    keyoard = awsome! it beeing small is nice seeing it's suppose to be a mobile computer...

    still the show wow? warcraft 3 and quake in them who are not the most hardcore games that put a computer to the test! linky for the peeps that wanna know more
    Was posted on here before I'm afraid.

    Also the keyboards that 'do that' don't actually do that. They all have individual screens under each key. This is just 2 LCD screens with rubber buttons over it.

    So it won't cost anywhere near as much, considering also that the optimus maximus is sold as a piece of art (hence the obscene price tag).

    Edit: Also got sent this by my bro
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