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    Looks cool but I don't think it's going to work very well. Maybe in pve but in pvp it's going to be very very tricky.

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    The concept is awesome, though I'm not sure how many games I'd play on the device itself. I'd love keys that would change their display based on what you were doing. I'd use the hell out of that, for gaming AND work.
    But the regular keyboard (The Optimus) that does that... 1600-2400USD?
    God no.

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    one word "Awesome!"

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    Woah that is pretty epic if they can actually manage to pull all that shit off, but it will come with a nice price-tag too.

    Sure looks nice, but wont buy one because if I'm away from my desktop computer, then I probably don't have to game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapret View Post
    The problem with gaming on latop was never the keyboard layout. It has always been and still is, the size of the screen. You can play games with 17" screen, but its not gaming.
    For me it is that some laptops can't disable the touch pad. It is very annoying to accidentally hit the touchpad with part of your hand all the time
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    The screen is tiny but SICK FUCK YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY WOW WHILE RUNNING AROUND IN CIRCLES AND NOT STANDING IN FIRE YOURSELF! Sweet Jesus on a bicycle, this is so freaking amazing
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    just jizzzzed brb gotta go clean up

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    I have to admit that is pretty neat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapret View Post
    The problem with gaming on latop was never the keyboard layout. It has always been and still is, the size of the screen. You can play games with 17" screen, but its not gaming.
    i see what you did there, and i assure you the crappy tinny speakers are a bigger detraction than the smaller screen. if your netherdrake isn't rattling the pictures on the wall, you're not really playing wow.

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    i agree that i hope that this technology becomes standard in pc's.Imagine your keyboard switching from english to german or japanese then to emotes for your post. The possibilities are almost endless. Definitally the next step in PC evolution a keyboard that changes for your need to simplify it :L

    Thought up another good one The Keyboard interface could aslo have saved features of customized settings for hot links to sites and the up down left right on the bar can alternate between them. :L
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    That looks REALLY cool.


    But there are not enough keys for the keybinds of my rogue.
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    I actually had the opportunity to fool around with one of the prototypes. Don't ask and I must say I am impressed.

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    wow that looks really cool but i have a strange feeling that it will be really pricy and it will be interesting to know how long the battery life will be wile playing lets say wow this is some thing i will get if the graphics are ok and it dosent cost allot more then a normal laptop and im really intrested in how they are going to manage the need of a constant internet connection prob some form of usb dongle adapter or some thing like that

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    If it gonna cost 1999Euro...I gonna buy that (Sarcasam :P)
    No but looks cool..but maybe going to get a bit overpriced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yeyinde View Post
    Reminds me of the Optimus keyboard.

    But it aint got enough buttons for some folk I reckon (Naga owners, I'm looking at you )
    Razer Naga..

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