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    Somebody set up us the bomb! /caps!

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    "coc is hard when its multiple groups"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuyin View Post
    I loled.
    OT. Probably whenever i call my GM Ho on accident..
    Shes a she. I usually hide after.

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    Although many people have said it, rouge isn't rogue... I cannot stand it! Rouge is a color and a rogue is a killer

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    Quote Originally Posted by conqq View Post
    Are you trolling.. ?

    It's not funny.
    and read it VERY slowly to make sure you get it :P
    to OP: im not sure witch is the funny'st but there is alot of them haha

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    "I collect herps" (Herbs)
    Ima go get some herps (herbs)

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    I remember in early wotlk there was one grammatical typo in dk buff that said "Your next Death Coil will crctically hit". Yes, crctically.
    Also: Garish (Garrosh), Throll.
    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinBash View Post
    I use a Rainbow Generator and shoot pretty colours at people. It's not quite a Blood Elf racial but it damn well should be.

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    I once was trading someone something and their inventory was full. I had caps lock on and typed RETARD instead of retrade.

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    purpoe beats everything.

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    I make the typo "Wait a sex" instead of "wait a sec" far too often for my own good....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darnash View Post
    I make the typo "Wait a sex" instead of "wait a sec" far too often for my own good....
    Yeah I tend to do this as well, "brb one sex" or "one sex" when someone asks me something & I'm busy.

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    In trade channel: "can somebody tell me how can i get Justin points =o"

    Some hordas said: "By killing Bieber"

    Alliance was killing Thrall!...

    "did allys kill throll yet?...."

    *Honor to the warchef!

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    "sex pls" instead of, you know..

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    Back in BC, my brother's name was Rashgarroth - which we shortened to Rash.
    While a close friend who we hung out with IRL named Bullsabub -shortened to bulls

    After joining a BG while in the middle of a /gchat discussion, my default chat channel changed from /g to /s.

    So I announced to everyone infront of the arathi basin gate: "Rash isn't on now, he's with balls."
    I misspelled "Bulls"....

    I /afked in shame after bunches of people offered me cream....
    ProTip: If someone offers you anything, look at their nipples. -Garots

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    I got a scammer bot message saying that i should follow the link, they would be giving my horse a celestial steed!

    ... And I laughed so hard.
    Quote Originally Posted by phred754 View Post
    "Nerf Rock. Paper is fine."
    - Scissors

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    Does it count that i tried to tell a guildie (girl) : ''you are right" and it turned out ''you are tight" ?

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    I hate it when people use incorrect grammar in this way:

    "Are you going to roll a Death Knight?"
    "No, I hate Death Knight's."

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    Worst I've seen- Worgens. *headdesk*

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    This account is considered as inactive as of 9th feb. 2011. I am now Gorgash from now on.

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