Hi guys, this is my first guide on mmo-champion, it isn't too big but I hope it has all the information needed. I have raided in many guilds and tried out almost every different type of loot system. This system is one that I personally find best for 10 man guilds (which now is great for cataclysm). I would love some feedback and ideas in the comments

What is Suicide Kings?
Suicide Kings is a priority loot system. It is a list of the raid members that consistently show up for raiding in your guild. Whoever is on top of the list gets priority over someone below them no questions asked. Once someone gets a piece of gear they "commit suicide" and move straight to the bottom of the list. It is a simple way to distribute loot quickly and efficiently in a raid, no waiting on bids or rolling etc...

Why use Suicide Kings over other loot systems?
The reason to use Suicide Kings over other loot systems is because there are no arguments. If you are on top of the list you WILL get that piece of gear you want if it drops. If you are under someone else you understand that you aren't getting it over them already. It is extremely lightweight and easy to use. I don't know if anyone else besides me finds it rather annoying waiting on those people to bid up that dkp or gold to get the items while you either start pulling trash with people down or wait to finish. Or you are one of those people that just seem to never roll good on anything or you don't want to go through epgp and every thing in the game having its own value. Suicide Kings fixes all of that, it is faster then bidding not complicated at all (if you can read that is) and everyone can see where they are at on the list at anytime and always reliable.

How to use Suicide Kings properly.
The first thing you want to do to start out with Suicide Kings is go download the addon "Drunkard Suicide Kings" off of curse of where ever you get your addons from. After you install it and have the game running type in "/dsk". This will open the list frame. There are two lists: one is for normal gear and the other says tokens. These two lists can be used for things other then just tokens and gear. My preference is the first list is main spec, the second is for off spec. You can also choose to do tier tokens on a whole separate list as well. That part is up to you. To decide how the list is first set have everyone that is going to be put on the list roll for there spot highest number is first on the list second highest is second etc... For using the addon you will NOT be able to add people remove people or murder people unless you are in a raid group you are the loot master and an officer in the guild. If you want to add someone to the list click on the characters nameplate and click the "add" button on the addon. To remove someone click on the name inside the list and click the "delete" button. Once someone gets a piece of gear you click on that persons name in the list and click the "murder" button it will automatically move them to the bottom of the list. For other people to be able to see the list they must download the addon as well. Once downloaded the only button that they can use (if not master looter / officer) is the "sync" button. To move a player individually up and down the list one spot at a time you can click on there name and an up and down arrow will show up to the right of the name up moves them up down moves down.

What to do with a pug in the group.
Okay so in a world of perfect attendance there would be no need for pugs right? But sometimes that a person needs to drop due to RL. If this happens and you decide to pug, this is how to deal with a pug and still have Suicide Kings work for the most part without going straight to free rolls. So a piece of gear drops and its perfect for the pug and you are upset because it was that piece you wanted and you have been on top of the list for sooo long. Well to try and fix this have everyone in your raid that can roll for the item (legitimately not a mage rolling on a str piece or even a rouge rolling over a hunter for a bow vise versa be fair!) and if the pug doesn't win the person on top of the list still gets the item. The pug still has the same amount of chance to win as before and your Suicide Kings will hopefully prevail. If not then the guildie still stays on top of the list and better luck next time blame the person that had to leave

Some problems you might have with Suicide Kings and how to fix them.
I have ran into an issue or two with this loot system. Not because the loot system, but because some people are stubborn and just try to go through loop holes with everything. You might run into that person that is like this. A healing shaman for example wants a healing mace and knows he is the only healing shaman in the guild so any mail gear that is healing worthy is his anyway. He knows you won't D/E the gear over giving it to him. But he doesn't want moved down the list because he didn't want the item you just gave it to him because you didn't want to D/E it... Well when one of these people come along my way of dealing with them is saying well hey this is an upgrade for you. You are taking this getting moved to the bottom of the list and if you argue then you stay automatically pass the first piece of loot that you would have got over someone else. Basically you fix this by telling people that its just loot and get over it. You will kill that boss again and you most likely will have another chance at that piece of gear.

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