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    for two pieces

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    of brown cheese

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    with mustard flavour

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    and some strange

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    girl with elephant

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    ordeal, an anteater

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    went away to

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    a cupcake land.

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    In the beginning

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    fine and dandy

    Thanks to Amalisa for this great Sig!

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    The Most Idiotic Nation In The World
    until the sesquipedalian

    (Yes, it's a real word)

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    pleaded the fifth

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    president of the

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    about the incoming

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    In the beginning, there were two ugly pancakes with a bright red button
    that could blow up the zeppelin station. But, just in time, a flying donkey,
    rode by Thrall learned fire breathing and burned a huge black cow.

    But this cow flew like a hipster on a giant ball of fire!

    But then Mario kills himself! He jumps off a giant humpback whale, while riding
    a steam powered bike. That kicks ass and chews bubble gum.

    Duke Nukem wants choads!

    There was once a giant sandwich. Filled with clam, full of onions and
    extremely hot sauce made from sour cheese, but it grew mold. The mold
    tastes so very good in my mouth! On my labia? In my basement!

    On my Llama, flying a kite, I thought twice, that a lot... (fails...)

    My Tummy is about to burst, in the mountains of the muckymuck. Village
    of the eternally damned, thrice!

    Then the really best place to hang out with angry gnomes and ghouls with
    tea and biscuits? Is far away from any life.

    Cadwe has brought milk and cookies back to this for everyone from the
    the lollipop guild.

    Then Jesus came, and told everyone; "You are doomed to live a life in
    the realm of dumb!"

    Pink butterfly demons.....

    But then they bubble hearth to a void zone with lots of retarded bunnies
    that eat your face with pink forks. They decided to turn into shovels
    and repeatedly violate three peacebloom flowers. All the critters yelled
    really loudly!

    So the neighbor decides to make a zap cannon that can blow the nails off
    a babies hand, which is holding flying saucer sauce, which was dumped by
    a stranger that had candy all over my epic gnome mount.

    Man fur? From Ret Pallys?

    Clean armpits and wax eyebrows.. With their smelly and extremely stupid
    item from that place where dinosaurs roam free (and had pleasure...)


    Over the rainbow is where things got a little tough. The next thing to
    do was eat cake. While Captain Noctus was riding a giant red bicycle made
    out of jizz and butter. Which is surprisingly sturdy.

    It can look like a weirdly, remarkably strange bored guy in the jungle,
    which is familiar to wild untamed undergrowth.

    While doing a crazy old pirate in the bum with a pink tail, who surfs
    professionally (on a surfboard made of CapriSun), in the moonlight. I
    saw five young Amish cows leaving the delicatessen.

    Large golden shafts surrounded by fire, playing bluegrass music on
    deathwings chin.

    Mama just killed my brother because hes a whore with a knife made in

    "Oh god dammit!"... God has smitten

    Then the banana's containing lead, infused with gold was stolen by a pink
    monkey wearing your mom's underwear, only to jizz in them. Then the
    monkey took his poop and threw it up his tiny....

    wardrobe to store?!!?

    Until the feces powered helicopter crashed and burned. Then the monkey
    took away in a hot-pink hovercraft. It killed a big whale shark, which
    was driving a red bus... IN THE MOUNTAINS... of the great Thorim who
    remembered (nonsense...) exploded into kittens!!

    Felt so sad...

    So.. They made a steaming cup of fried yogurt on a stick with a long
    meaty spam length which finally ended. (really lost here....)

    So! On Friday he took the social worker out for a beer. They both kicked
    a kitten and sold their hard earned pigs for two pieces of brown cheese
    with mustard flavor.

    Some strange girl with an elephant stuck to her knees? WTF!!!

    After this ordeal, an anteater went away to a cupcake land....

    In the beginning it was all fine and dandy, until the sesquipedalian
    pleaded the fifth. The President of the United horde company about the
    incoming jar of pickles.

    The end.

    That's what it comes out to. I made a few (small) corrections here and there. It still really doesnt make sense lol
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