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    Why did they disable clicking off buffs?

    I looked but i cant find the answer anywhere... why did they disable right clicking off buffs?

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    as far as I know they didn't, when some one ninja pulled while I'm beartanking and I just used enrage, I still right click it away to get rid of the 10% extra dmg taken.. can this be changed in interface settings?

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    It's if you have a buff/debuff addon. Blizz stopped the API being able to 'right-click remove' buffs. They recently fixed this to only happen in combat - either PTR current build, or today's hotfixes, I forget.

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    I was wondering this, too. I don't understand what they meant on their post about not clicking off buffs in combat.

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    Whatever reasons they have, it's incredibly annoying. Esp for addon users who can't click anymore
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    I don't use any buff addons, but I have also experienced this issue when auctioneer has been active, kind of annoying having to keep turning it on / off, given how frequently i use it.

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    Yea, it's not just buff addons.

    I have the issue when I just use Auctinator and Atlas/Atlasloot -.-;

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    mm. you have to use /cancelaura <buffname> as a macro command, now. Auto-cancelling buffs by an addon is considered too close to botting, I suspect. They broke it in late ICC, when people were using the addon to cancel ShadowMourne's buff for a dps increase

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    Disable your addons, and it may solve your problem

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    Disable your addons, and it may solve your problem
    But I so love Satrina!
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    Update whatever addon handles that, if u use the blizz ui, u can click em off

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    Let me explain how protected functions work. There's three (basic) levels of functions:
    Protected functions - those can only be called from secure code. Secure (or un-tainted) code is code that has only received input from digitally signed (Blizzard) code. When an addon tries to call a protected function, it errors because the execution path is tainted (it came from tainted code). This also causes map show/hide issues in combat if addons use generic global variable names (Blizzard does that too). The variable gets tainted by the addon writing it, Blizzard's code reads it, and also gets tainted in the process. The world map being shown is a protected function, and thus cannot be called by unsecure code.
    Examples: CastSpellByName, CancelUnitBuff, UseInventoryItem

    H-Req functions - H-Req stands for "Hardware Required", and that's basically what it is. This can only be called in the direct execution path triggered by a hardware event (click or keyup/down).
    Examples: SetCurrentTitle, ReloadUI, CancelAuction

    Normal functions - these are functions without any security level. They can be called from anywhere and execute normally. (Nearly) all information retrieving functions belong to this category.
    Examples: UnitAura, UnitName, UnitPower, UnitCreatureType

    Now, previous to patch 4.0.1, CancelUnitBuff was an insecure function, meaning it could be called at any time. For example, authors could automatically cancel a buff upon reaching a certain number of stacks (Shadowmourne hi?).
    Blizzard didn't like this, and made CancelUnitBuff protected. Why they didn't make it a H-Req, nobody knows. Well, they probably do. I don't.
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    I actually understand every word of that and it answered my question completely. Thank you very much!

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    I thing it's because of FreeMe-like AddOns. Remember ret palas cancelling Shadowmourne`s proc from themselves in order to get more dps with more procs
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    some addons work now... i use ct_buff and they fixed the addon to work with blizzards security frame thing

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    you have to use /cancelaura <buffname> as a macro command
    Ah good, almost thought that Bladestorm was nerfed

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    Satrina has an option to make the buff frame "interactive" so you can actually click off the buffs, BUT all it seems to do is make the icons disappear and the timers stay for some reason.

    Put extra configurability onto the default buffs and the problem is solved..

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    Yes, the SBF 3.2 Beta works for right-click buff removal, as do several others - Aptus Aura Frames, Raven, even Elkano's Buff Bars. Some use clunkier methods than others - SBF is the only one I know of that still allows single-click buff removal while in combat, because it supports the secureauraframe system. Not well enough to do sorting yet, but well enough to right-click remove buffs while in combat.
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