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    The end of WoW? When will people realise it, NO game will be the end of WoW.

    I remember when Warhammer Online came out, WoW haters were screaming about 3-4 millions of cancalled WoW subscriptions because people were going to play Warhammer, and what happened? The WoW playerbase has only grown by 3-4 millions since then.

    DC Universe may be a great game, but i highly doubt that the developers and the distributors want to spend the ammounts of money it would take to get even close to WoWs commercial status and playerbase.

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    meh. my friend had the beta and when i played it it felt a lot like a console game and not an mmo, so i believe they should have made it a console with an online function, but that a regular mmo wont work out for SoE very long

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    Haven't you learned that WoW can only be killed by time or Blizzard's will? There have been many "wow killers." that had big licenses like Conan and Lord of the Rings.
    Even Warhammer. The whole universe of Warcraft comes from Warhammer and that game failed badly.

    I have played all of these and none of them are doing very well right now. Conan is still extremely cool though and i'm intending to try the trial again.
    A big license doesn't make a game an automatic winner, even if it is DC Universe, Star Wars or whatever else.
    I wouldn't replace WoW with any other MMORPG right now. Well, maybe Ultima Online with an RP shard with decent amount of players.

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    The DC universe sucks. lacks consistency in story, there for the lore is retarded. the villains vs heroes is a ridiculous pair up. some smart guy and invincible flying guy with laser eyes.... some rich emo guy vs a crazy guy.... its lame.

    Now if marvel made a game worth a damn, an MMO of sorts i would at least give it a try. they already have their Pen and paper rpg to work off of.

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    WoW will die when Blizz says so. Having said that, another interesting MMO would rock.
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    Hello "City of Heroes" and "Champions Online".

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    why does the OP sound like he's working for SOE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by h44mm00 View Post
    Hello "City of Heroes" and "Champions Online".
    Just like one could say "Hello 'Everquest'" for World of Warcraft.
    I believe you can't really say that for DC Universe - while the superhero/villain theme may be the same, the combat really is different - CoH and Champions had the normal combat approach (select target and skill spam) - whereas DC Universe has more hack&slashy combat style.

    Just saying this, haven't tried the game yet (I did play both CoH and Champions Online), not being a fanboy, just judging by YT videos.
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    Wow, this is the worst attmpt to pretend NOT to be a planted PR thread that I have ever seen. Guy, iT's all about subtlety. Including a FAQ for an unreleased game in your thread is pretty much confirmation that you are a Sony shill.

    Edit: Just had a look at the OP's posting history. He's been a member of this forum for all of a week, has 26 posts, most of which are plugs for DCU in various threads. He's got a handful of random WoW discussion posts, likely to bulk out his post count. This is all very typical of public relations plants. The OP is absolutely working for SOE and based on his sloppy work, Sony should probably fire him and get someone who can be less obvious. Or, even better, just let their game speak for itself rather than hiring people to plant fake hyperbole about it on various web forums.
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