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    Anyone else having problems with Rebirth in raids? I know that there´s a cap for 1 rez for 10 and 3 for 25, but sometimes just doesnt work.

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    Yeah sometimes is bugs out and wont let us use it at all...

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    I think but not 100% sure, that its based on a time period also, so in 25man you only get 3 BR's per 30mins (i think) and that includes people using their SS or ankhs.

    It seems to work something like that from what i have seen.

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    in my raids if they spirit release i cant rebirth them

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    It's meant to be 3 CR's per combat in 25 man, although it is sometimes extremely buggy - sometimes one druid can CR and one can't.. REALLY needs to be fixed.

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    I used to get the "Cannot be used in combat" error all the time once 4.0.1 released during WoTLK. Happened to a resto druid on my guild again this week (hes the only Brez we have in our 10 man raid) and he got the same error so i guess they never fixed it. Sucked too cause we ended up hitting an enrage timer at about 2mil HP left on halfus that attempt

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    What I have noticed is that if you have multiple druids in the same group then it will not let you combat rez once on druid in that group has. So here is an example.

    Group 1 Group 2
    Druid A
    Druid B Druid C

    If Druid A uses her battle rez and then druid be goes to use their battle rez it will not work. Druid C would have to use their battle rez. (Sucky explanation I know but it was the best way I could explain it. >.>)

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    Druid BR bug????

    Some druid in my raid keeps saying his BR wont work when we haven't used any form of rez that fight. IS he a dumbass or is this a known bug that BR sometimes bugs out.
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    This has been happening to me on my Druid as well.
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    There is a limt of how many BRs you can use each fight.
    But there is some bugs

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    one night we were learning magmaw and i used Bres on the first attempt. the rest of the night (2-3 hours) wouldn't let me use it again

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    Could be a classic case of a shaman dying and instantly rezzing to try and hide an error... but yeah, there's still bugs in the system where B-rez gets locked out when no other form of a rez has been used (this just gave me an excuse to pick on shamans /cackle).

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    Even with no deaths logged, although Id like to blame it on shammies, all of the druids in our raid occasionally find a problem with Brezzzing. The only solution we've found is to restart game completely and check if Brezz works before pull. It is getting to be very annoying

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    Raiding tonight I had this come up. I couldn't brez but another druid could. We hadn't used anything yet either. I've been seeing this bug since 4.0 so I'm used to it happening, but I still wish blizzard would fix it already.

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    I thought ankh was off the 1 res/battle limit. :|

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    We did the Conclave of Wind last night, and most apparently we couldn't use our Battle Resurrections - even with the shammies dead below the plateaus and without them self-resurrect!

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    Quote Originally Posted by exochaft View Post
    Could be a classic case of a shaman dying and instantly rezzing to try and hide an error... but yeah, there's still bugs in the system where B-rez gets locked out when no other form of a rez has been used (this just gave me an excuse to pick on shamans /cackle).
    I so totally used to do just that when I raided on my shammy. Get up and act like nothing happened.

    We are unable to use any sort of rez/ss about half the time. It is pretty damned frustrating knowing that you should be able to save an attempt, but instead you wipe because of a bug. I am not a fan at all of the limits to start with and to be denied even a single use of any of these types of abilities really sucks.

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    This bug happens when druids release before the encounter is properly reset. The invisible counter you get when someone uses rebirth doesn't reset if the fight is still active when you release.
    Solution: Tell your druids to not release.

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    In order to counter this bug, we have all of our druids completely close the game after a battle rez has been initiated in the previous attempt. If you close the game, and log back in, you will be able to use Rebirth properly.
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    I noticed this problem while raiding this week. We had 1 resto shaman in our group, so I thought it could have been him, but usually when someone ankhs, they dont have 80% mana 60 sec into the fight.

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