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    Quote Originally Posted by freakyfreak View Post
    What do you like about WoW, Whats so fun about it? what makes you from Play Wow and buy the expansions? what is your Goal? What will you do if Wow wasn't here?

    Share your thoughts, and lets find the riddle about whats keeping us from playing this game.
    Okay Your the guy who made the DC thread right? Well I'll tell you what keeps me and the 90% Population (Active). Friends I don't play this game for in-game loot I play this game to have fun with my Friends. Here is a short answer why people won't switch to DC. People are in Guilds so they don't want to leave them now the guild could just switch to DC but about 30% Would say No I rather play wow 30% Would say they'd switch to Rift and the rest are to lazy to restart. Now the Numbers wouldn't be nearly as high as my example suggested, but it just wouldn't work out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnerd View Post
    If WoW wasn't here... i'd probably still be stuck in Diablo 2 lol.
    lool me 2 ^^ or maybe SC

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    JKaned, your mental psyche is officially fucked. Good luck getting rid of WoW tho, i compare it to cigarette smokers quitting.

    The only way i see people getting bored is because they play too much(like 12hrs+ a day!)! Its their own damn fault for having a weak mind and succumbing to a virtual reality.

    Im having a blast every time i log on because i play less then 20 hours a week. But i still get 60+ hours of entertainment a month for only $15, also i take a lot of 1 month breaks. i always cancel my subscription so im not paying every month of the year.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Shadows gather when the raven swallows the day. Burning sky is extinguished as black wings fold gently about the heavens. Rest, my children, rest. For even the sun must sleep. (Source)

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    I play wow cas there isnt a good space mmo yet, eve online just doesnt do it for me
    Plus been at wow for 4 years and havent made millions of gold, only have 2 85s with a host of 50-60s
    I did quit the first year wrath came out but started back up later on
    Wow. Jkaned, move ur computer out of the dark broom closet man, play wow next to the tv
    Also i play wow cas its freekin cold with 3 feet of snow on the ground like 6-7 months out of the year where i live, so its a lil refreshing going lava dippin
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKaned View Post
    It's not fun at all, and it being 'fun' is not obvious nor a fact. It has no purpose, I merely find it a way to kill time.
    If you do not enjoy the game it does not mean other people feel the same way.

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    WoW gives me an excuse to put off the four sociology papers I have due next Friday. And yes, it's only the first week of classes, and they're all for one class. Guh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravlon View Post
    If you do not enjoy the game it does not mean other people feel the same way.
    Of course not, and that applies the other way around too, yeah? Which is why I stated that it is not obvious nor a fact.
    I should have put more emphasis on the "I"-part of the sentence, shouldn't I?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKaned View Post
    Of course not, and that applies the other way around too, yeah? Which is why I stated that it is not obvious nor a fact.
    I should have put more emphasis on the "I"-part of the sentence, shouldn't I?
    you should of started say that you didn't find it fun, not making the baseless statement that it wasn't fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKaned View Post
    I'm addicted. I don't think World of Warcraft is fun at all anymore, I just play it with the sole purpose of trying to become "the best".
    I think it's the only thing keeping me from a mental breakdown.
    Almost the same but im not playing to become "the best", im playing because its almost the only thing i have to do when i got free time. I tried to quit but i couldn't. The game is like a drug, could call the game World of Warcraft: the drug... i wish i could go back in time and tell my self to not start playing wow. My cousin is lucky, he quitted b4 he got to addicted. Meh i hope i can quit some time..

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Sauce View Post
    Nobody can tell you why WoW is fun because it's not.
    I have fun in WoW for like 6 years, i really loved raiding. Its still fun to me, but i quit to focus on other things now. And just to note, i only played a shaman all this time. I loved raiding and being a shaman.

    Edit_ anyway i dont plan to play any mmorpg anymore, so i wont try DC universe or Star Wars, and im not coming back to WoW.
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    This is Razzmatazz from the future *kzzzzzchhh* I don't have much ti*kchhh* breaking up! Note *kzzz* self: don't try to read all *chhhhh* this thread *zzzzzkch*. It will consume approx*kzzzz* 25 years of your life *kzzchchh* You will learn abso*kzzz* nothing, it's not worth *chhhhh* LIVE, RAZZMAT*kzzzz* LIVE AND FORGET ABOUT THE TRANSPARENT HORSE *tchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
    Quote Originally Posted by Entalpia View Post
    Warriors will get Concentration Shout! When he shouts at you, you are more concentrated ! ;p

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    if wow want down or never made? if it was down start cry if never made yeah then play something els

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    I play WoW to relax, to have fun, to randomly kill level six wolves in Elwynn and to escape the real world. I do play alot, but when i want to, i can quit. (Which i have done when i needed to focus on school)
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    ^_^ regnagleppöD ym ot knil a si ereh, oslA

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    It's a temporary escape from the crappiness of real life. If WoW didn't exist, I'd play some other MMO or online game.

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    I Dont play anymore cause I dont like it at 85 and cba grinding hours upon hours for gear, call me lazy but it just started feeling like more of a job than a game.
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    Without friends and the community on my server i would not play any more it just got old which is only natural it has been around for 6 years which is like a third of the average players life, and it without any real competition Blizzard have got lazy and greedy at the same time. It feels like they are trying to milk it for the sake of a few more bucks and not because they have such a loyal fan base.

    Here is praying that Star Wars : The Old Republic is what WoW was when it was in its prime

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    Friends, and the challenge what you can accomplish with them.
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    I play it whenever I'm not too busy in real life because it's simply the most fun game out there that I can come back after any period of time. As with all games, it has its issues, but it's easily the single most polished game out there, in my eyes. Say what you will, but it simply offers the most for me. I've raided at a top 50 US level and PvP'd at 2300 MMR. I can say that without a doubt in my mind this game can be more difficult than the other popular games, and being skilled in WoW is just as "skillful" as being skilled in any FPS. The difference is, I can play WoW for three years off and on, yet I cannot do the same for other games.

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    I live in a really small town where I have no friends, ma friends live in the city, I don't got a job and am a young adult in sweden so getting a job is kinda harsh, and the main reason, alot of my friends play it and i enjoy it, but mostly, I would'nt know WTF to do with all my spare time if I quit wow xD

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    I play with my girlfriend and some other friends from college. We joke over vent, cooperate, and overall make the tightly knit group feel tighter.

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    Love it because it's fun.
    If WoW didn't exist i would play something else.

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