I'm Enèrgizer on Ner'Zhul, and I'm looking for any horde guild which that is doing heroic progression and then mythic. I recently returned to the game which I took about 10 months break. I quit after Durus Veritas stopped raiding. That's right, Durus Veritas is known as a deaf guild, and yes I'm deaf. I was raiding for years from Dragon Soul to BRF as a tank, plus more raid experiences from WildStar, LOTRO, and FF14. I was in few hearing guilds, and they had no problems with me when I cannot use voice communication. If people give me assignments directly before fights, I'll memorize what to do.

Now on the point, I'm looking for a horde guild that does a progression for heroic then mythic. I rather to play lolret, but I don't mind to be protection as offspec. I'm more interested in full clears before next patches. I live in EST, and I'm mostly available every night from 9pm to 12am. Probably 3 nights a week. I also have a DPS legendary ring. One problem is that I have zero experience with norma/heroic HFC, but I will study fights. I always read the dungeon journal, text guides, and YouTube videos.

You can message me on bnet, Dachande#1446, if you have any questions or interests in me.