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    ★[H]RoadRunners - Mythic raiding - 3 nights per week★

    Raid Times -- 7:30-11:30 PST Tuesday - Thursday


    Roadrunners is a competitive, progression oriented, raiding guild playing Horde side on Kil'jaeden-US. Since our formation we have shot up progression on our high population server. As a general rule we value quality over quantity, holding a fairly small and tight raiding roster of 22-27 active raiders. The strongest point of Roadrunners and what sets our team apart from the competition is the guild atmosphere. Here you will find a group of people that has fun logging on to play and raid with one another, team chemistry is paramount. We spend a lot of time playing this game while raiding and during off nights and we want Roadrunners to be an environment in which we enjoy spending that time. Consequently, we're seeking team oriented players who understand that it's often necessary to put Guild needs before the individuals.

    Exceptional players of all classes are welcome to apply. Please check out our WoL or the roster on our website to see our current makeup. Every spot is competitive. We will occasionally have a high need for a specific class.
    Tank: None at the moment, but always looking for the best
    Healers: Room for one outstanding DPS/Healer hybrid
    DPS: Any and all awesome dps, especially RANGED or ROGUE

    13/13 Mythic Citadel

    9/10 Mythic Foundry
    7/7 Mythic Highmaul

    14/14 25 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar
    13/13 25 Heroic Throne of Thunder
    14/16 25 Heroic T14 (8 healers for Empress? Gimme a god damn break)

    Many perspectives!

    - 8/8 T13 25 Heroic
    - World 23rd Glory of the Firelands Raider (and server first)
    - 7/7 T12 25 Heroic
    - World FIRST Do a Barrel Roll 25m
    - Firelord 196 World 25man, 62 US
    - Server first 13/13 Tier 11 25 Heroic
    - Server first Glory of the Cataclysm Raider, US 49th.

    - Server 1st Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25) - US 37th
    - ICC 25man Lich King Heroic - US 136th
    - Ruby Sanctum Heroic (25) - US 153rd
    - 5/5 ToGC - US 66th Tribute to Insanity
    - Earth, Wind, & Fire 10+25 - US 42nd
    - Yogg +0

    You can find all of the guild's raiding achievements on our WP page:

    * Serious progression in End Game WoW with the ability to raid less than other guilds with our 3 Nights and still progress further.
    * Enjoyable guild environment that is capable of being successful minus the drama (no nerd raging).
    * Loot is done through a loot council consisting of rotating raiders of a balance of roles, always fair and open to input. Master looter whenever Hersheys somehow remembers to put it on ML.
    * Outside raids and battlegrounds that we do for our enjoyment.

    * Above and beyond, you must be able to perform in situations where others are counting on you to do your job, while maintaining a positive attitude throughout an exhausting night of progression raiding.
    * You must know your class inside and out, and showcase that knowledge via performance.
    * Your character must be optimized to reach its full potential! That means utilizing top-tier gems, enchantments, consumables, or anything else that might give you an edge in a raiding environment!
    * Having extensive raid experience is pretty much mandatory. Ideally we want experienced raiders who have seen the game inside and out, and who have experienced the scope of WoW raiding as its changed through the years.
    * Experience being essential, so is raid-worthy gear. If you cannot step in and perform at our standards immediately, you cannot help us achieve our goals. Gear is an indicator of the commitment you have to being prepared and to playing your class to its fullest.
    * You must be responsible enough to study encounters. With that said, come prepared for raids with whatever consumables and knowledge you'll need to enhance your performance. Ultimately you'll need a conceptual understanding of the mechanics behind raiding, as opposed to memorization of dance steps.
    * You should be vocal! Don't hesitate to ask questions and don't hesitate to give suggestions. We want active members who contribute to the community. You should never be afraid to tell us what's on your mind, or to share information you stumble upon.
    * Members are expected to maintain high raid attendance. Do not apply if you can't commit to our schedule.

    Additional notes to ALL applicants:
    * Think of your application as your resume for an important job. You wouldn't half ass your first impression in that situation and you shouldn't do so while applying to Roadrunners. Remember, in most cases we will spend as much time considering your application as you did writing it.
    * If you have any questions you may either PM Cudlebumkins, Falaenx or Hersheys on our forums or toss either of them a whisper in game and they will be happy to assist you. Admittedly, we as a whole are big fans of Alts so if you don't see any of those guys online, there is a good chance they are hiding on an alt so feel free to message any guild member and you will be pointed in the right direction.
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    need some pro caster dps and some healers oh and a warrior tank would rock

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    Dead dragons, everywhere!

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    Hey look! Stuff! Boss kills! Multiple perspectives! Music that doesn't suck!

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    Chimaeron = balls.

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    Bump for heroic Chimaeron, what a tool.

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