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    I'd give everyone more hair color options.

    Especially Tauren.

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    Making priest's Shackle Undead shackle anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexxia View Post
    Player attitude.
    ^ This. Also only able to speak in trade chat at level 60 or so or have a level 85 main to be able to talk in trade chat like Grand fantasia and PWI.

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    I'd fix the lack of skill and gear checks so that I don't have to deal with people who are either cheating the current heroic system, or think they should just be able to skate through heroics without any preparation of what they might encounter.

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    id fix the amount of content available, dont need another wotlk! waiting like 5 months for something new >_<
    Quote Originally Posted by Synwyn View Post
    My first raiding guild, way back in Vanilla WoW - Kaywarrior was our DPS warrior. After a billion Nef kills, Ashkandi finally dropped. He jerked off on vent. Literally jerked off while keyed in. Best moment ever.

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    Ambush... for the love of god or feral druids i would say frost mages, but i have one :P

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    remove worgen, add naga.

    then find a way so it makes sense lore wise. somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexxia View Post
    Player attitude.
    oh we can get insanely impossible with these? in that case mine will be I'll fix PvP and PvE balance flawlessly without removing the neat tricks that make classes unique. AND I'll do this through expansions where players get new talent and specs, and hardest of all create new and interesting abilities for classes that won't throw off this balance at all.

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    Remove monthly payment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trydene View Post
    Making priest's Shackle Undead shackle anything
    *You the man, you have just made the shadow priest a viable class again..

    That's all we need jobs a good'en...

    I would fix the playing attitude, make people nice and relax and remind them death isn't lasting..

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