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    Cracked.com, who else is an addict?

    I can't get enough of their articles. For the most part, they're usually correct about everything they back up with facts. Plus the stuff is so goddamn hilarious. Some examples:

    http://www.cracked.com/article_18907...ievements.html (for us WoWers)

    Some articles could be labeled as NSFW because of language or general content, but there's no nudity or porn or any of that crap.

    I could post more and more, but that'd be overkill. What are your favorite articles? Have you never read cracked before? If so, why not!?

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    I check it every day, pretty epic site

    http://www.cracked.com/article_16241...tatistics.html is a good one

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    Addicted for sure.
    Forget everything you know about everything.

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    meh. after you read the articles of seanbaby and the author of who dies at the end all the other writters just stop being funny :\

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    I love it, wouldnt call myself an addict tho I like to visit when theres like 10+ new articles to read
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    It got really bad. I was favoriting every cracked article I absolutely loved, and wound up doubling the size of my favorites list and having to make a folder to store them all in. XD


    my first and favorite.

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