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    Enchanting 1-525 cost

    How much would it cost to level up enchanting to 525?

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    13822g, give or take a few.

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    it cost me around 5k to level it to 450, and around another 5k to 500
    i had help tho, from leveling JC and keeping all rings/amulets. so add another 2k there just to be sure.
    i'm stuck at 500 atm. but i'm fine really, i have my self-enchants, and i can disenchant boss loot

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    u forgot to say how much silver and copper ;P

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    is that straight from common AH prices, that seems pretty cheap imo

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    10k + is my guess, costed 6k to 450 and more or less 4k+ to 525, tho i farmed alot of Instances at 85 for mats etc. so basiclly if ur going to buy yourself all the way to 525 expect around 15k.

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    it depends on your server, and if you're farming greens or not

    Best guestimate - around 10-15k, but that *really* depends on the lower level mats. My server, Greater Nether essences can range up to 40g each. For a 225 enchant, that needs 2-3 of them, well, it adds up very fast. Also be aware of the cheapest alteratives. Sometimes it might be a good idea to say with the wrath enchants till 450 instead of trying to burn your hypnotic dust at 425

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    I'm in an awesome guild that chose to send me all greens as they were leveling so I'd have a constant flow of mats. Had BS rods made for me, etc. It's not bad at all if you have good friends you are playing with.

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    Took me ~10k to get 500 skill for my alt.

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    I guess price of stuff changes according to servers?

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    i sepnt about 25k getting to 535 from 460, but thats with inflated prices at release of cata. It all depends on how you plan on lvling it. If you only use your own mats and dont purchase any, the cost is just training costs plus a few mats you need to get like rods. If you make those yourself on a different char with your own mats then you are still at training cost. It all depends on how you plan on leveling it and your servers economy. So to semi-answer your question anywhere from about 1k to 30kish.

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    1 - 225 ... cca 150g (greens from the Auction House)
    226 - 300 ... cca 400g (greens from the AH)
    300 - 375 ... I am not sure if 375 or 350, but in Outland I was farming greens in Hellfire Ramparts - I had boosted some 60 lvls and they gave me their greens
    375 - 450 ... I just spammed /trade with this macro: Enchanting FFM, skill up = 20 for you ... this cost me 200g, because most people did not want 20g for a super cool enchant
    450 - 525 ... same as 375 - 450

    Edit: this took me just 3 days two years ago in WoTLK.

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