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    id have bicycle pumps for arms so i could take the fight back to the bandidos!
    also, my face would be made of pie, possibly apple, or perhaps blueberry...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rammellaar View Post
    I'd turn myself in a robot that has gigantic cleaver as a left hand, and a nail gun as my right hand. I also shoot rays of love out of my eyes that fills everyone with joy and hug people AT THE SAME TIME! I can also fly, swim, float, be a boat, turn into cars and firetrucks. And i'm a pro a snowboarding.

    Also: Go-Go Gadget!
    You and raallemmaR are the same... Are you clones? Can I get your autograph? I always wanted to meet a clone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Unclejesse
    I'm not very nice and think I will stay away from the forums for a week to calm down
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    My characters Bintah and Alicia

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