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    Pet Call Macros

    So Im trying to create a macro to call pets and currently I have

    /cast [pet] Dismiss Pet
    /cast [nopet] call 1

    My question is, is there anyway to display the picture of which pet is currently in that slot so I don't have to remember which pet is in which slot for quick reacting situations? I imagine it would be some manipulation of #show but I havn't been able to figure it out myself or find anything anywhere else. I also know i can just drag the pets picture on to my bar from the spell panel of call pet but I really do prefer this macro since it will both call and dismiss. Any help would greatly appreciated.

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    From what I understand about macros, you're unable to show the exact icon for your pet because Call Pet 1-5 is a baseline spell and you can move around your pets in the Pet interface. You're also unable to /cast Call <Insert Pet name here> because they (Blizzard) doesn't recognize it as a spell. The only way I think you'd be able to complete this macro is by changing the macro icon to that of the pet's.

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    Ya that's what i thought but wasn't exactly sure and changing it to the actual pets icon doesn't really work unless you keep the same pet in the same slots at each time which isn't to hard i guess just a hassle sometimes.

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