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    Ubrs 10 man for me, and then Azuregos.

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    UBRS when it was 15 man raid.

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    now when i think back, i dont see how people can say that TBC was harder than WOTLK when i had to know tacs in WOTLK, but in Karazhan and Gruul's Lair i didnt knew a shit, yet i could do it. is BT and Sunwell the ones that did it hard?

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    My first raid was MC if you don't count UBRS.

    And to clarify it...there was no Strat 10 or Scholo 10. These two instances always have been 5 mans (and you also had to go in with 5 people to complete the questlines) but Blizzard didn't implement a 5 player restriction for a long time (and yes before the 5 player limit blizz implemented a 10 player limit but this doesn't change the fact that the dungeon always has beed a 5 player dungeon, even if it was pretty hard at that time) so please stop saying it was a 10 man. People just raided it with 10 man groups because 95% of the playerbase were total noobs and had no clue how to play. You could even 40 man Deadmines in the beginning if you wanted to do so...

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    Kara! Then ZA shortly after. Still love both of those raids.

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    I think it was Karazhan.
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    Naxx 10 man, yep I am a wrath child when it comes to raiding. All my play was intermittent growing up, then once I become an adult I was able to sit down and really play and enjoy that game. After doing naxx 10 I was able to clear all raids in wrath across 2 toons. Now I will hopefully do that again in cata.

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    I was shit nervous and afraid to screw up. The raidleader (and also IRL friend) was very calm the entire run, and even though I was completely retarded, it was a good run, and I was hooked on raiding right away

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    ZG as healer level 57 in vanilla
    was the best day of my life in wow

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    Okay back when WoW was released we all started lvling like hell. Well it was pretty slow back then and me and a few guild mates (we all were around lvl 20-30) decided to visit the Horde and traveled from Auberdine to Crossroads and TRIED to do some mess. Well we all was really excited and had a lot of fun

    But real raid was ofc UBRS, still remebers the awesomeness of "The Beast"

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    Karazhan. Its what inspired me to tank
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    Molten Core and i miss those days

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    Karazhan... Awesome times

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    Karazhan o.o

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    Magtheridon! Click.

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    UBRS :d

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    LOL Nerd.

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    Karazhan, one of my two favourite raid instances, up there with Ulduar.
    I can remember forming a Kara pug and we managed to clear the whole instance (excl. Netherspite due to l2p issues (also was pre-nerfs)), I was in pretty much full s2 gear as well..
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    There's more bosses after Saurfang?

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    Hmm Strat/Scholo/BRD 10 before they all got turned into 5mans, unless they dont count in which case LBRS 15

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    My first raid was: your mom ZING!

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    MC, unless you count UBRS back when it was a 10 man or whatever it was haha

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