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    Karazhan during early Tbc

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    Kara lv70 prot warrior ftw!

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    Ubrs! after that it was kara.

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    ZG at lvl 56. Guild needed another healer, Go go Druid Heals! =D

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    BoT, gotta admit...
    I started playing WoW seriously just when cata hit^^

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    Started WoW in June 2008, hit level 70 in 2 weeks, cleared Karazhan, Zul Aman, Mag's and Gruul's by patch 3.0 (30% nerf) and got ssc/tk/bt all cleared at least once each by WotLK release.

    Karazhan is still nostalgic for me, I would love a remake/rescaling of it, even though they'd reskin the attumen mount which I still don't have after soloing it every week since I got into naxx gear.

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    Vault of Archavon. I was surprised at the time when I heard that raid bosses were usually tougher.

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    UBRS.. Sadly I was only around 40 or so when they turned most lvl 60 dungeons into 5mans. :<
    Then again I was never big into raiding.. I prefered dungeons back when they were viable content and only really got into them when they killed off blues in favor of forcing PvErs into raids.
    Oh, sorry. I mean "wanting us to see the content"..

    Looking forward to challenge dungeons.. Might finally return my niche in the game. >.<
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    First raid ever for me was Naxxramas 10, when I dinged my mage at 80. I got help from the guild I was in to get a bit better gear and it was so fun. Yes, I loved it. Was a complete new experience for me and I really liked the tactics you had to follow in order to kill a boss. Ah god.. What a noob I was..

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    Scholomance, I was around at the time you could do it in a 10man raid.

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    Naxx 25 in wrath, april 2009, I had started playing a couple of months before after my gf finally managed to nudge me to it and I knew f all about the game, the class, raiding, anything. We had just joined the guild (same one I'm an officer in now) came in a little before going to sapph/kt, friend who got us in had to argue with the RL to let us in (as guild members) rather than his non-guildie friend, I did crap dps and it was not exactly something to convince anybody we belonged :P But you learn by doing, I guess

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    Probably UBRS/LBRS (though what each realm calls them is up for debate, i've use those terms many a time and i get looked at funny now)

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    Karazhan. I started out in late Vanilla and misunderstood the lockout system. I actually thought these were events that lasted several days back then. Not knowing you could call it quits for the evening and continue next day, otherwise I might have started earlier. Man I was such a noob back then

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    Can't really remember my first... i didn't raid or anything in classic.. just lvled and learned.. didn't play that much either.. so my first raids were in TBC.. when the game became more developed..
    My first raid though.. probs was molten core .. in tbc :P .. also remember something with old naxx.. and zul gurub/zul aman raids.. followed by outland raids later on..
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    First raid: Zul Gurub
    First raid that I actually did something: Kara

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desp View Post
    what the heck is this game and where can i get it? it reminds me so much of the old text only dungeon crawlers haha

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    Bastion of Twilight was my first raid.

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    my first raid was onyxia at lvl 60 was so much fun there

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