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    First raid as in actually in a raid group doing something was.... level 43 raiding the crossroads. I remember it very well, we were all a bunch of noobs and it was a blast. Since I was a pally I had the 'free' mount and was both chastised and revered. I still remember alot of people seeing a few of us on mounts in general during that raid and everyone looked to you for direction... oh the silly moments.

    First PvE raid was UBRS 40 man if you can believe that. First actual Raid in which I killed a boss was Azuregos. First boss to be killed in a raid instance was Baron Geddon.

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    Karazhan then Black Temple They're still my favourites to this day. I did mostly 5mans or quest/world pvp back then.
    Apparently 2k dps was amazing, so I got myself invited to my uncles guild run of BT.

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    80 level Naxx. Ah, memories. Learned to decurse for Noth on my mage. Topping meters (not really impressive meters, but still felt good). The Undying title before the release of Ulduar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coar View Post
    Just as the title says, what was the first raid you ever took part in.

    Mine was VoA, killing Archavon.

    I thought he had so much health lol.

    What was the first raid you stepped into?
    I remember it vaguely. MC back in feb/march 2006.

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    I suppose it was UBRS, but the first time I felt like I was actually raiding was ZG.

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    My first raid was AQ20 with my lvl58 shadow priest, healing... but only got to like the 2nd boss. I just got hide of the wild and felt so epic -____-

    First raid competed was Karazhan. I just joined the guild in all un-enchanted pvp gear and I was outside the instance with another hunter that was recruited waiting for a spot to open up and they picked me to step in. Back then I was the mana battery.

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    Karazhan here as well. Sitting in half merciless gear,I delved into the place balls deep. I do have to say that it [raiding] was completely a new thing for me and just the sheer epicness of killing bosses in a place that also felt pretty epic was just...Awesome.

    Was in a friend's guild who had very nice people who pretty much sealed the deal with my love of raiding.

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    Karazhan as a holy priest in full blue heroic/normal gear. All I remember doing was spamming renew on curator thinking I was the best healer EU. I also got the Shard of the Virtuous, oh how I remember how excited I was about getting it... then realised I didn't like healing and went prot paladin.

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    Koralon sadly enough but damn did that feel awesome, nervous as fuck to screw up somewhere and that feel when something that you need drops for the very first time.
    Priest? What do you mean i'm a priest?
    I have dots, a pet and i can turn into a dark purple form with wings, i'm obviously a warlock!

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    brd pug in trade trying to get the leeroy title

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    First raid to set foot in was ZG at level 55 (the guild I was in wanted to see if they could get 10 people or more to show up for an event and I level my ass off to be able to join them as you needed to be at least 55 to get in back then. I remember not knowing anything about anything probably not even being able to hit the mobs as they were so much higher level and me in full questing greens, standing in poison and dying all the time. I got the Zulian Stone Axe and kept it in my bags for level 60 because it was sooooo cool, and blue (!) only to sell it to a vendor once in Outland with clown greens). My first "real" raid was a couple of weeks later as we went into Kara, but it was hard as the guild was very small, made up by friends who didn't play that often. We did however later on kill a couple of bosses in ZA also. It wasn't until Wrath that I was actually raiding weekly in Naxx and Sarth, and then Ulduar. When ToC hit I was running a small 10-man guild together with a friend and we did rather well, being server top ten for awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazia View Post
    UBRS in lvl 60
    Yeah UBRS
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    Well I do have a penis attached to me as well but I dont know 'a lot' about it, I dont even know how it tastes. Maybe you do.
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    Everyone who does not miss Vanilla has no heart. Whoever wishes it back has no brain.

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    Original onyxia... At 80
    great new class idea
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    How did you manage to tame a Troll as a Seagull?
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    Nothing special here. Just GC and his obsession with crabs.

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    Karazhan. Never got to raid during vanilla sadly. Just PvPed.

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    first time i joined a raid group when we were going to the crossroads to pvp back in vanilla, i was a whopping lvl 39 or something like that, first raid was molten core

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    i'm smiling at the fact that my first raid was mc - oh boy thats a long time ago ^^

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    Scholmance or Stratholme with 14 of my closest friends.

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