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    Kara. Was brought in for interrupts on Shade (rogue).

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    Molten Core in late BC, I wanted to raid so badly that my guild finally pulled some people together for me, it was wonderful.
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    UBRS all day baby.

    I took the game too slow in vanilla to experience Scholo as a raid before they changed it. I mostly did exploring and avoided looking at strategy sites. I almost wish they kept it that way.
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    It was in the new Raid Finder, and its was GREAT!

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    OS3D... Got replaced cuz my dps was to low haha!! That was way back when I didn't even know what a rotation was xD (I wasnt lvl 80 for that long and new to the game :P) Remembering those times makes roflmao..!! xD

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    Karazhan followed by Ulduar... yeah I got a very good intro to raids

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    I think it was Molten Core, shortly after TBC launch at around 61 or something.

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    Kara, was brought in to heal maiden.

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    Karazan, specifically at Curator. Then a few days later I joined another group and wondered why I couldn't do it again, it had been at least a day, right ?

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    that world boss dragon in duskwood.. had to prove myself before doomwalker!
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    That would probably be Molten Core.
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    Karazhan in 2.0
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    Karazhan obvs. Most epic raid ever! Went through normal progression in BC.

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    80 Naxx. I remember going in and hearing "I hear little hearts beating.. yes, beating faster now. Soon the beating.. will stop." And just getting massive chills. I still love that place.

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    MC when it was current.
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    30+ man UBRS back at the very start of wow, was like level 55 or something. We were soo many people in there and yet somehow we managed to wipe over and over... good times!

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    MC at 55. they were like lawls to easy bring low levs in

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    LBRS /10chars

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    You're all lame, I got 20 people to raid VC at level 16. Damn right I'm a boss.
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    BWL was a blast back then My fav of all time, and for those of you who remember Scholomance, once were a raid instance
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