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    kara, but it was a terrible run in 2.4 were we only downed 1 boss.
    my real raiding days started in wotlk.

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    Original onyxia... At 80
    hahahahahaaa oh god this is hilarious.


    i think it was Magtheridons lair or kara cant remember which lol
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    I literally die every time i see people using literally wrong.

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    first time raidframes appeared was down at gadgetzan when open pvp started. the next was at tarren mill only some hours later and the battle waged for ...dunno days? whenever i came back there were still people fighting and as a shaman wielding a 2h axe with double/tripple wf proccs only mad people did not run away from you. aaahh the good ol' days.
    first pve raid was ubrs and it got me into raiding very quickly! than the usual mc, bwl, aq up to firelands where i stopped playing (never got my hands on a completed version of a legendary :-( )

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    Ulduar was when I started raiding. I was unguilded at the time due to some disagreements with the way my previous guild did things, and I was invited by a friend to join his guild's run. After my second week running with them in a row, I was invited to join the guild (apparently I was the only warrior tank they knew who knew how to effectively break fear AND interrupt casts on Aureya... most of the ones they had brought could only do one or the other...). That guild fell apart not long after that, I joined my current guild while ToC was current, and have been with them ever since.

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    karazhan, but my first raid that i killed the last boss was naxx in wotlk. back then i was in a raid guild and it was awesome. then I somehow got bored of wow and quit. but wotlk was the best time of my wow life :P

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    First time I set foot in a raid was at something like level 61, a bunch of 80's carried me through classic Onyxia and I got an upgrade

    First raid at max level was Sarth 10m. I didn't know the fight, nor how to play a ret paladin, really. We cleared trash, I asked what to do for the boss, they said kill him, don't get hit by the fire, and drag adds to the front of the boss (we were one tanking it). I proceeded to tunnel vision and die very quickly while doing somewhere in the area of ~1.3k. Pro status.

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    Icc was my first Serious raid, before that i did old content with randoms from trade. Kinda nervous i had no clue at all on what to do lol

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    Kara was my first raid, on the same night i joined a new guild. Got my first ever epic item too, the hat from Oz on Opera, good times

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    karazhan/warlock/full pvp/no talents

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    UBRS obviously. First "real" raid was MC where 40 of us spent hours wiping on the first trash pulls.

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    I'm not counting UBRS, it didn't have the same epic feel as walking into Molten Core for the first time. It was hilarious though, had to wait for 40 people to get ready and you're just confronted by this massive cavern with two monstrous Molten Giants standing guard. So many wipes just off that pull! I'm not even sure we made it to the first boss that night.

    I was a hunter and I remember doing Lucifron for the first time and getting the tranq shot tome for Magmadar, that was interesting.

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    There are two answers to this question in my case... My very first raid was Onyxia... at level 74. But a real raid would be Naxxramas 10 man. I had no idea what was going on whatsoever, and my damage was horrible. My only addon was QuestHelper which of course did not help me much on fights such as Thaddius. The group was full of people such as myself, though, and we didn't get very far. Even then, it was an exciting experience - got me hooked enough to remain a raider to this day.

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    scholo 10 man, strath 15 man, and who could forget ubrs and lbrs first raid raid was mc then zg then bwl the the aqs then naxx 40

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    First 10 man: Scholomance
    First 15 man: Upper Black Rock Spire
    First 20 man: Zul'Gurub
    First 40 man: Molten Core

    Although, there use to not be a limit on how many people can enter a dungeon/raid, but I'm not really counting those

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    Zul'Gurub but it was in Wrath of the Lich King, from the non-retro Im sure it was VoA.

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    Naxxramas. Patch 3.0.x

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    Karazhan, not long after hitting Level 70. Incredibly epic environment and i've raided ever since.

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    Karazhan <3

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    Either Strath or UBRS, don't remember which. I do remember trying to heal an arms warrior in battle stance though and telling him he was a moron before leaving the group.

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