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    I want to say kara, at the end of BC, right before wrath came out, but it may have been nax right after wrath came out

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    I believe it was Onyxia just when WotLK was released.. Ah the times, I was like lvl 62 with my DK and nobody was lvl 80 yet. I remember taking a screenie of it but can't find it anywhere!!!

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    Molten Core.. where every week a certain polearm dropped and was disenchanted

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    Karazhan, and it's still my favourite!

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    UBRS or MC.

    I miss vanilla :'(

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    Molten Core.. where every week a certain polearm dropped and was disenchanted
    "Another thunderstrike that nobody will roll on."
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    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    First proper raid was MC in vanilla. However, I did "raid" UBRS, Strath and Scholo before that.

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    Ulduar. Yes, I was that lucky.

    It's kind of tainted every other raid for me though, nothing compares to your first love.
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    Vanilla, Zul'Gurub.

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    Kara in BC, on patch 2.0.

    As a Ret Paladin.

    Yes. I made it into Kara as a Ret paladin prior to 2.4.
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    Naxx 25, I linked my friends Ach to get in. Was terrified they were going to call me out on it.
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    UBRS here as well. That was some intense stuff in the beginning!
    And by god did Draconian Deflector get stolen from my warr, and Dal'Rend's from my rogue :P

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    Scholo or ubrs cant remember which one, back when they were 10man/15m
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    Depends if you count UBRS as a raid or not, otherwise it would be ZG. My first 40man was Onyxia, still have the prints from standing on the hill looking down on her. 2 wipes, one caused by me (Whelps whelps whelps) and then a kill.

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    Kara, back when it was major progression content.

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    it was karazhan. my hands were shaking while tanking trash.

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    Well, my first raid was UBRS. First once per week raid I did was Molten Core.

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    Karazhan, i was tanking attumen with 10k HP no def cap, the tanking glove dropped, i was happy since the MT didnt need it, sadly got ninja'd by my own guildie who was dps ... first raid, first ninja

    I still run kara weekley just for the sake of glorious memories i had in there, i wish those times would come back

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    Upper Blackrock Spire here.
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