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    My friend got me into the game, groomed me to raid with his guild from the day I started playing. When I finally stepped into the raid after so much preparation and learning to be a part of his team, it felt like I was a prince, finally coming of age.

    Glory days mayne

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    My first raid was Karazhan

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    AQ (heh i was on the first server to open AQ, Medivh)

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    UBRS but I don't really like to count that as a real raid -- for me it was MC
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    Good old Karazhan only got as far as Maiden and tried once on opera event then the guild I was in fell apart then never got back into raiding until Naxx and then when I finally downed Naxx 25 man on a pug it was glorious I loved it so much was such a blast. I don't care what vanilla hipster players talk about downing Naxx 25 man in WOTLK was one of my favorite moments still one of my favorite raids ever.

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    kara, and then everything up to sunwell

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    UBRS, Onyxia, MC. 'cause I'm old

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    Scholomance, back when my first Druid hit 60 and it was tuned for 10-Man. Everybody did it with 10 Man instead of 5, because otherwise it would take 200 Hours to complete and was a huge Pain in the Ass. So much fun!

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    My first raid was scholo 10 on vanilla first week of release...
    My priest, still 60, still earned the first epic staff dropped on kael'thas server europe the following days after the first gandling kill. =)
    On beta, we runed instances so much....
    Was the no-life period...

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    Karazhan is my first one.

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    Hate to say it, but my first raid was Blackwing Decent .. yeshyesh, Cataclysm! (Started playing in Cata aswell) Cleared it full normal and then stopped again.
    Then started again in Firelands and killed everything since then in current content HC (except for Tsulong/Sha last tier)

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    I'm amazed that it seems like Kara seems to be after both vanilla raids and MoP raids. Not surprisingly, it's ahead of cata though.

    Anyway, Kara was mine... I think I was in Kara within a month of BC launching, having started playing during the BC pre-patch.

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    I recall it being Molten Core, but I really didn't do much in that raid. I think we cleared some trash, then we called the raid because our tanks were not geared enough.

    My first serious raid, with a proper guild and real time investment from my end was Karazan. That atmosphere, the layout, design and development of that raid was, and still is, phenomenal.

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    In BC...
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    Upper Blackrock Spire @ 60

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    I believe it was UBRS. Don't think I ever did any of the 5mans in a raid.

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    Depends on what you count as raid, first, prbly any of the intances you could do either 5 or 10 man, if they dont count, then prbly ubrs, and if that dont count mc or onyxya, I dont really remember.

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    Karazhan. No maps for raids/dungeons back then, and stepping inside such a big place, I was mindlessly running after my friends.
    It felt soo relieving reaching the top of the tower
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    Dragon Soul

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