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    Quote Originally Posted by MrUrthor View Post
    Strat and UBRS.
    This, as well as BRD. Granted, they aren't considered raids anymore, sadly. My first 'true' raid would have to be MC. But I did so many BRD and UBRS runs back in Vanilla lol. Ah, the memories.
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    UBRS! I remember being the dedicated out of combat rezzer because people kept failing on the General's conflag :x

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    My first raid have to be NAXX or Voa. Started to play shortly after WOTLK was released so had no idea what to do. Lvled a druid as feral and didnt like it so lvled a new druid as balance instead. After that me and a friend made a lot of pugs to naxx and voa. Think we was the only on the realm that didnt ask for gear or achivement. Was fun time to pug a lot, but in cata i wasnt playing so much. Got in to a guild that needed a healer in FL but they gave away all the gear to others that it was mionr upgrades for so stoped raiding before i killed Raggy. Raided a lot in DS and now in mop i am trying to find a raidguild that wants a druid tank. Guess this wasnt what you asked for but always fun to tell a bit about raidexp.

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    Karazhan and it made me fall in love with raiding. Still doing it now.

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    My first raid would be UBRS when it was a 10 man back in the day, but as far as REAL raiding, it was Molten Core. On my pally, got the banana shoulders off the very first boss too! That was pretty badass.
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    Strat or Scholo. My first real raid was MC

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    TOC. I started playing to get closer with this guy that I had classes with, so he brought me along for a 25 man run, and I had no idea what was going on. I didn't know what my rotation was or anything about gemming or stat priorities, so I was just kind of winging it. I did okay, but then some of the veterans of the guild gave me some resources to help get better, and I joined their core team when ICC came around. The guy eventually became my boyfriend and we have been together for three years now, but he doesn't play WoW anymore. I no longer raid because I am always working. The end!

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    I was so excited!

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    Raided stratholme undead with 10 people. After that, I remember an actual full raid for ubrs, still wiping on the best and general drak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagonos View Post
    My first raid would be UBRS when it was a 10 man back in the day, but as far as REAL raiding, it was Molten Core. On my pally, got the banana shoulders off the very first boss too! That was pretty badass.
    Hmm, wasn't UBRS 15 man? I remember us doing it with 2 of each classes and the other left was lucky for being the only one of it's class

    I also remember making tons of gold for having the key!

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    Zul'Gurub. Managed to get my first epic in there too, Touch of Mar'li. Also managed to kill a bunch of people with Voodoo Piles. :P
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    LBRS in Beta when it was still 15 man and warlocks could wear chain mail as they were originally planned as a caster tank ... after release i cant really remeber i did the whole scholo strat ubrs stuff on the first day i hit 60 anyway but afterwards would be Mc obviously and we even killed Lucifron on first raid ,X also i got my first item ever there ! was tranq shot for my hunter xPthe good ol book!

    on my first twink it was onyxia and Mc right afterwards was the only one online with a dwarf priest for fear ward <3

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    Kara, got summoned into Prince with no experience at raiding whatsoever on my warlock. Real trial by fire lol.

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    Kara. Thought I was bad ass in my crafted purples that I had spent hours upon hours farming waters for.
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    EQ - Plane of Fear, Sometime in 2000 with ~80 other semi clueless saps. Wipe for several hours at zone in and waited another 5 hours in order to get my corpse with all my gear.

    WoW - Strat and UBRS and then ZG, first "real" boss I ever killed was the Raptor boss.

    Kara I see here alot, best raid ever imo. That was the first raid I ever led.

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    First raid entered? Molten Core.
    First raid done at max level? Kara.

    Got carried through MC at level 50 while leveling during early BC by some bored friends farming TF and Sulfuras.
    Eventually caught up and a little geared, at least enough to do a few bosses in Kara, up to Shade, where we wiped for something like 4 hours.

    Good times.
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    Most favorite raid ever was ZA tho.!

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