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    Karazhan... Reason why I regard it as the best raid ever done. Such an eerie feeling, so many bosses, the immersion! THE NOSTALGIA!

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    I wanna say MC? Though it could have been ZG or even AQ20... I dunno. It has been so fucking long ago lol

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    first raid was in tarren mill.. vanilla world pvp was the best..
    first PVE raid was either MC, Ony or UBRS.. cant remember, most likely it was UBRS

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    VoA about a month into Wrath. I did terrible DPS lol...

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    very proud to say my first raid was LBRS (lvl 51). i picked up the shadowcraft bracers even before I hit lvl 52, they were lvl 52 req. everyone was like THAT LUCKY BASTARD
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    10 min after i joined a top 3 guild on server got invited and summoned to Leotheras the Blind in SSC. One of the very few bosses where you had individual responsibility. Doing 1v1 with the Inner Demon was a disaster.. i think i failed and got mc on every try..

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    UBRS / Scholo (10)
    If that even counts as raids, however it was in a raidgroup... and ofc Hogger raid ( as early as beta-vanilla!!!)

    Molten core was the first "real" raid, and it was epic! people not knowing that they were doing, where to go and what to do :P
    omg i have been playing that game for that many years :P

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    I started playing at the very end of Wrath so ICC

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    Possibly Zul'Gurub, invited along to mana burn a boss, may of been Venoxis. Also remember being invited to AQ20 to heal Moam, dying almost straight away and still getting Dustwind Turban for my efforts. First 'proper' raiding that wasn't pugged or invited to was Naxx in wrath. Working nights stopped me from raiding vanilla/crusade.

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    I had been in 'raid' groups before, but my first raid was Molten Core.

    Don't consider Scholo/Strath raids, people just did them in raid groups because it was easy and you could drop group to turn in quests lol. Did UBRS which I had no idea what the hell that was intended for. Seen groups ranging from 10-20, although 15 was more common. Probably intended for 10, considering people thought Scholo/Strath were for 10 people lol.

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    Azuregos. Got the dagger I think it was, on my warlock. Didn't really play him after that, saw how awesome mages looked and rerolled on a Archimonde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bull View Post
    Siliskor on EQOA on ps2. I was a level 22 paladin(siliskor was a world boss). ALL of the level 60's(hundreds) lined the outer edge of the canyon that surrounded him. A friend of mine told me about it so I began my journey there(took hours), used many invisibility rings and had to fight my way and navigate through mobs that would aggro me and one shot me from 30 yards because of my level, but I finally got there! There I stood, looking at this amazing fucking dragon and all the level 60's in their badass epic quest line weapons, and no one knew what to do or how to kill him, everyone was scrambling to find any information they could about this dragon. Well, long story short I accidentally pulled the dragon and killed everyone. He went on for 15 minutes destroying everything. They couldn't kill him because they had no way to wrap their heads around his mechanics, basically(and this was complex for back then!) he would AOE, and if you were hit by the debuff, it reduced your hp to 700-ish, and added a dot to you, which ticked for a few hundred, but this was completely avoidable by EQOA mechanics, by just standing behind a tree the aoe wouldn't hit you, thus not applying this horrible debuff and killing you. The problem was, you only had your groups health bars to heal(5 people), so you couldn't heal anyone and everyone unless you clicked them to heal them up, and it was pretty impossible to track, raids were a mess. I was 14-16 by the way when this happened. I ended up going on to forming one of the most remembered guilds in the game, trolling hardcore, making mad amounts of actually money, killing raid bosses no other guilds on the other 4 or 5 servers could, first and only paladin to tank dread/terror/reaver/avatar of fear pre-nerfs, had 10-12 accounts to spare, never paid for the games subscription, our guild tested bosses out before boss testing was an actual thing, made life long friends and enemies, had multiple emails and my name itself banned from Sony entertainment corp, we were pretty much gods and i was just a 15-16 year old ass hole. Now im 26 and married with children and can't believe how I acted and am truly sorry for the people I terrorized with my guild. Oh the stories I could tell.
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    Onyx 40m was my first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazia View Post
    UBRS in lvl 60
    Yeah, that's right. I forgot that could count! XD

    Me too for UBRS. If you're talking "Real" raids, MC.
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    First raid group was a 7 man Stratholme run on my level 58 mage, and my first proper raid was Molten Core.

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    Molten Core, I was a lvl 58 priest who was called in because my guild's raid (Which was a coalition between 3 guilds, every guild got a few spots) needed healers. Spent the entire night wiping on Lucifron but damn was it awesome

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    ZG on my mage, fairly soon after it had come out.

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    Technically...I guess mine was either Stratholme UD side, Scholomance, or BRD with 10 ppl...not sure which after that UBRS > MC > Onyxia so ...whichever you want to count as a "real" raid

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    UBRS with 9 guildies, back in classic. I cant remember what lvl i was, most likely below 60. First "real" raid was multiple wipes in ZG on that bat/poison boss i cant remember the name of. I do remember thou, that it was very hard for ppl to grasp the "moving part" of raiding, as in, not standing in shit. It was like they thought that cuz we were so many (15) then it was just tank´n spank zerg.... we got wiser...
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    Mine was Kara, at the very tail end of BC. God I was terrible

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