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    Molton core at level 57 or 58 :P

    Im a priest and they allowed me to come allong for the extra dispells and such :P

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    ZG if you don't count UBRS or Strath.

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    If you don't count the good ol' UBRS it was Molten core, followed by Onyxia.
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    My first raid was Plane of Fear!

    However, it was MC for WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazia View Post
    UBRS in lvl 60

    if you want to be technical, MC. :/

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    Scholo, however it might have actually been deadmines. I dont remember if i did that as a rais before sxholo.

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    Kara, and we wiped on trash for hours, finally managed to kill huntsman

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    scholomance (zg)

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    ubrs was my first back in the 60 days

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    Onyxia 60 and ZG, in the same day.
    But it was in BC, i was 68 or 69 then.
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    Like ZG twice when i was a scrub 60 then for realsies in Kara eventually.

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    I ran UBRS I think somewhere around 40 times before getting my Lightforge chest. Good old Lightforge with all five stats... Then MC and Ony and BWL and Naxx... I quit the first time somewhere in Naxx thanks to how lame that raid was originally. Didn't do any BC raids but then started raiding in Wrath only to be doing Naxx again...

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    Karazhan <3

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    Karazhan. Wiping at Moroes when he was hard

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    ZG way back in vanilla on my retired nelf hunter. I was a noob back then and didn't roll on any of the gear that was useful for me until one of the hunter officers told me which ones to need on and taught me how to play my hunter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashrana View Post
    Karazhan. Great place to start

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferbster View Post
    Karazhan, possible the best raid in the game, and closest to my heart.... Next to Ulduar
    Quote Originally Posted by Iamsylar View Post
    I believe it was Karazhan.
    Ahh... Those TBC days were magnificent...

    OT: Well... Kara is still the best raid (for me)! I want a CoT version of it(!!)

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    Doom Lord Kazzak back in Vanilla 60lvl version... First attempt of the server with random people (There werent many 60s anyway...) Ofcourse we just wiped a lot.
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    UBRS, and boy did it lag alot.

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    Mags Lair. I had found a nice group of mostly guildies (I wasn't in their guild) that had it on farm but needed another character. I jumped in and got the Lock shoulders from it. Didn't let 'em go for a long time.

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    Gruul's Lair.
    Had a hell of a time kiting Kiggler as my first ever responsibility role on a raid boss.

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