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    Vanilla Molten Core, my system could not handle 40 people raiding at the time..

    was quite impressive tho

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    10 man Strat deadside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhalseran View Post
    Molten Core, hours after I hit level 60. The only group stuff I ever did before that was Deadmines and Stockades, so I was completely lost.
    basically sounds like me to a T, with a few more instances thrown in (not many)
    friends guild decided to run me through MC, with me not knowing anything about strats - raid mechanics - fires that kill me fast - no fire resist gear...

    thanks for reminding me about that...the nightmares are going to start again.
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    UBRS, wasn't even lvl 60 but won the T0 chestpiece and couldn't use it

    Real raid: MC

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    UBRS, closely followed by ZG and MC, those really impressed me at the time =)

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    My first raid was The Eye. The first raid I actually finished was kara though.

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    AQ 20 right after the gates opened up. Good stuff

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    Undead Strat.

    Then UBRS.

    Then BWL. Completely skipped MC as I hit 60 right before BWL was released so the guild I got in was already farming MC and decided to focus 100% on BWL. I was in 4 pieces of t2 before i even saw t1.
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    I was invited by a friend to join his guild's Molten Core run as they were a few DPS short (and ended up joining and raiding with them until BC).
    That was in June 2005, and I had full Shadowcraft, so I must have been in 10man UBRS before then.

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    UBRS -> Molten Core.

    Good old days, first responsibility was to tranq-shot Magmadar hah

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    Molten Core, on my Warrior. It was the first MC run on a brand new server (Maelstrom). I grabbed the very first drop off of Lucifron, too: Gauntlets of Might. it was actually the first level 60 epic drop on the entire server.

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    Naxxramas 25 man back in 3.1 on my DK, I felt so pro with my less than 2k DPS . I won 3 seperate epics in one run and I didn't think it was that good, but when I told my friend that invited me to the game he said it was very rare to win 3 epics in one night and I just didn't understand... Now cata is here and I have 1 epic after a month.

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    Wherever there are gnomes that havent been eaten yet.
    Mag's Lair near middle of BC, went in with my buddies who had been playing since vanilla and near shat my pants at the epicness.
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    Zul Gurub was the first raid I participated in, lvl60. But I only managed to stay for 1 boss, cus I didn't know what was going on, I mean completely. Then when I died, the group didn't ress me, and I lost my way in ghost xD

    The first real raid I did was with my guild in Naxxramas. The regular raid healer was offline, so they took me on my 0/0/71 shaman
    Was fun to see a healer can heal the whole fight without healing the tank once

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    Karahzan was my first 10-Man Raid
    Naxx was my first 25-Man Raid

    Both were on my rouge.. which I no longer raid with.

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    MC at 58! They needed more people and crap dps was better than no DPS, ended up winning 3 items that I couldn't even equip yet!
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    Naxx. I was shaking from being so nervous.

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    ubrs > mc > ony > bwl > zg > aq > naxx. world bosses thrown in whenever we ended up doing them.

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