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    Karazhan <3

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    AQ40 as lvl 70

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    Karazhan didn't go in to much, but I was in a small guild in BC.

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    Upper Blackrock alittle over 5 years ago.

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    Karazhan First and Zul Aman 3 days later. Did this about 1 week before wotlk release
    "A warrior smashes his opponents so they bleed, then he drinks their blood and eat their hearts to survive. A feral rips other people open and watch them bleed to death. A paladin flashes some light at them and invite them out for a dance in his new pink dress. At least that's how I see it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixartist View Post
    ubrs, was 10 man back then if i remember correctly, then mc
    If My memory dont fail me it was 15 man even

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    Onyxia! 40man.
    Going to kill her again tomorrow.
    Onyxia's Lair was merely a setback! again....

    srsly whats next? Onyxia as a skeleton and then a ghost -.-

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    Kara. Right after I hit 70. My guild was like "Hey we need someone to heal Kara!" I was a ret pally at the time and had no idea what I was doing because I had just started playing a few months before, but they asked me to re spec holy and come heal. So I did and won almost every piece of gear on that run. Been a holy pally ever since. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferbster View Post
    Karazhan, possible the best raid in the game, and closest to my heart.... Next to Ulduar
    This sums up my position well. I got randomly dragged into a Malchezar kill and didn't know a single thing about Kara or Raiding.

    Good times.

    Just Your Average Lurking Huntard LOLPRIEST forum lurker now.

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    I played in TBC only as social, sometimes watching my IRL friends wiping at Mount Hyjal or SSC and thinking it was so hard

    one day, two years ago, our 25 men raid leader brought me at Malygos and Sartharion with 3 drakes up to fill a spot

    I died at almost every fire wall at Sarth and ALL of the third phases at Malygos, I was so confused and I really wanted to cry

    it was a though start but now I'm a really good player, raiding 5/5 and sometimes leading it

    (sorry my poor english)

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    Denmark (EU Azjol-Nerub)
    UBRS followed by ZG
    Main & raiding character: Elchali, Holy Paladin

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    VoA 10-man. Boy that was fun. :P

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    wanted to say Molten Core
    but apearantly UBRS is considered a raid so UBRS it is.
    wich ive run 25 times to get my valor shoulders and 99 times to get my valor breastplate.

    YES 99 times!!!! i was doing nothing else then UBRS's for days... Then i got it and went to MC :P

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    ZG, so much fun getting my but kicked

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    UBRS, though u could enter it while not in a raid. ZG was the one that required it.

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    First raidgroup was 15/10 man Strat Light side before they changed it to 5 man.

    First raid-instance was Onyxia or MC, cant remember which I did first, got Onyxia with 30 people before all other slackers hade gotten attuned so was a pretty crazy first kill back then

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    original oxinia, what a disappointment that was as a melee dps. kill 3 dragon kin then spend half a fight killing whelps.
    http://theeorzeanfrontier.blogspot.co.uk/ Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixartist View Post
    ubrs, was 10 man back then if i remember correctly, then mc
    Ubrs was actually 15 man when if first came out, been my first raid and also scoring the lightforge shoulders yay, it was then changed to 10 man later if I recall. The raid that made Leroy Jenkins famous

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    If you count UBRS as I raid (and I suppose one should), then that was my first. After that Molten Core
    "6 years of wow, you still haven't learned not to stand in the fire?"

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    Good old naxx 2.0

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