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    UBRS or ZG, i don't remember
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    MY first raid was Scarlet Monastery at level 32.. Damn I had a HARD time finding that place xD

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    ZG for me followed by MC and some AQ20/BWL.

    Then Kara, Gruul, Mag. in BC

    Naxx 10/25, Uld 10/25, EoE, Maly, Uld10, ToC10 in WotLK

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    UBRS when it was 15man, Oh the days! and it took HOURS! :P was good ^^

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    UBRS about ohhh 6 yrs. ago!

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    25 man Naxx at level 80 :3

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    Stratholme and it was a nightmare...

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    Karazhan! I created my main character a month before BC was released, so I didn't get to see any content because of the way leveling was back then. Took a while to get to level!

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    Molten core at level 58 ... I was like wow lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhalseran View Post
    Molten Core, hours after I hit level 60. The only group stuff I ever did before that was Deadmines and Stockades, so I was completely lost.
    This. We never did get passed Executus.

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    Molten Core, i was a young fresh face ret pally at level 56, i went in as a healer probably did a terrible job but but i was told i did well. We cleared up to major domo, i picked up my first epic [Shadow Strike] which i loved so much.

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    yea mine would have been UBRS. the day i hit 60

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    Well, technically mine was Molten Core, but I was already 70. So Kara.
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    Started this game 6 years ago and when I dinged 60, my guild rushed me through BRD (doing lava jump) to get me attuned to Molten Core, because on that night we had only 38 sign ups and none of them were druids, so they wanted me to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalhen View Post
    lol... the days that we would actually go in there with 10 people... i miss the old days
    actually, at first you even had 15 people for UBRS if I remember correctly - BRD, Scholo, Strath were 10-mans

    OT: my first real RAID was MC, as I didn't consider Strath/Scholo etc as real Raids. By todays standards, yes, those were my first few raids

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    Molten Core PuG. We even got the first boss down after hours of wiping.

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    I led a raid group for Tempest Keep - The Eye on my hunter when I was 70 just for the shoulder piece token. I had had no raid experience at the time. Didn't even know what "being saved" was. This was shortly after WotLK came out BTW.

    The first raid I did with some experience was Naxx with my guild. =)

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    Kara.. still my favorite too

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    BT, the day I hit 70. Idk how I got in their in all greens. I guess good friends

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    As a healer in a toc 25 that a friend brought me too. We made it to Anub and had some close wipe before the group disbanded. It was extremely exciting and I've been hooked on raiding since.

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