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    Gruul's lair, High King Mulguar - as mage tank That was a brilliantly designed fight

    Did a bit of kara, but as i didnt get the game till after BT patch (and took a while levelling) didnt get much chance in TBC
    mage/lock tank was a cool mechanic they had in BC raiding...wish it would come back.....gruuls, ssc, BT...all needed these, was alot of fun to do and for me to heal them

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    Molten Core Vanilla

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    Ubrs or scholo, cant recall which :P

    had two felstrikers back then and I was pwning everyone on dps on my rogue.

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    Kara, in greens.
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    Blackrock spire I believe. I was summoning ppl for BRD run while another group was doing the same and then we decided to put together those 2 groups and go BRS.

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    Karazhan, that was very enjoyable raid : no ideas about nothing, just tanking and hoping for some loots : )

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    MC, at level 58... i was worthless. I got asked to drag an add of some serpent looking like boss up a ramp where a dps camp was... I taunted... turned and ran... got hit from behind... splat.

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    Scholo was. brings back memories
    Orks, Space Marines, Rift (<---- Links for pics BTW)

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    ZG wipefest on bat!
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    Zg...such a good times ^^
    U cant get that excitement in wow anymore PERIOD!
    Check by yourselfe: www . youtube.com/watch?v=JWiN6pCgf5U

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    Cant remember if it was Scholomance or Blackrock, one of the both ...

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    MC, but didn't get much further in vanilla.

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    My first raid that I actually ran for progression was OS10, but the very first that I had run was Sunwell during Wrath.

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    UBRS of course, followed by Molten Core to the point of insanity...

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    scholo with 58-59 jeah the good old times^^

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    First ever raid? ZG @ 60 when everyone else was 70

    First proper raid? Kara. Cleared it and cleared ZA/TK/SSC/MH and BT, but never raided Sunwell.

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    Kara... then Naxxramas

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    Kara on my shaman ^^ <3
    My fledgling guild then went on to do ZA Gruuls and Mags before our Guild Leader dissapeared. I was an officer and struggled to keeo the guild going (I had minimal power =X, I could Demote, but NOT boot), but I got us organized enough to down SSC, three bosses in TK, and almost all of Hyjal.

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