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    karazhan after weeks of farming blues to get into a guild that had just cleared the place god damit i miss that <3

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    ZG, guild run, 2 raids simultaneously. I missed the spot in the first raid due to DC, but there was a spot in the second one. So there. My first raid experience.

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    Molten Core, I was only able to raid because I was listed as an "Alt" in my older brother's guild and every time I went they thought it was him. They never questioned it though, since he was the top resto shaman on the server at the time. I remember getting my eye for my staff of D the very first night I raided. Good days.

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    Karazhan, Dinged 70 and my guild took me in and basically boosted me :P Place was goddamn amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neichus View Post
    Molten Core back when it was the only option. Didn't have everybody attuned to Onyxia.
    Oh those quests where fun, nothing really matches up to it anymore.

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    Karazhan, against Illhoof and Shade of Aran. Hooked on raiding ever since.

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    Scholomance. That's right. Scholomance. No I'm not mistaken.

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    Kara. Had a fail pug. Probobly why raiding leaves a sour taste in my mouth to this day

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    Karazhan. nuff' said.

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    Strat, Blackrock Spire then ZG
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    UBRS if you count that as a raid in vanilla and then SSC in tbc

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    After that i was hooked on raiding, still an all time favorite
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    LvL 80 Naxxramas did it after doing only a couple of hc's, please don't flame me xD

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    stratholme ubrs and zg what a nice dayz

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    LBRS, tryin to get dem keys

    PS: As for ony attunement, yea I ninjad the blood. The fuck you gonna do about it
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    Kara for me, after my first guild couldn't get the numbers for it, a WoW friend I met while leveling invited me to hers, they had the practice bosses, Attumen and Moroes on farm by then. Was quite exciting. My old and first guild eventually did get the numbers and had one attempt at Attumen, unfortunately they took so long in getting to him that all the adds respawned during the fight and wiped them. That was the end of raiding for them

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    When I was leveling my first character a friend of mine took me through MC as he solo-ed pretty much the entire place.

    I was still unclear on the difference between a "raid" and a "dungeon."

    First raid I ever did was a guild ToC 25 when it was the most current content, they one shotted almost everything and I was like, "lol raiding is easy!"

    ICC came out about 2 months after I hit max level for the first time.

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    my bf teach me wow in november 2009 so...my first raid ever was toc 2-3 times then i jump right in ICC, 2 month later, we killed the lk together but i more qualify ICC as my first raid We end up 9/12 H before cata comes out, not that bad for a newbie !

    and now i raid fireland... i miss icc so much

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    Karazhan, and since that time it was no turning back from raids.

    Luv this game.

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    I won't consider UBRS, Scholo, or Strat raids they were dungeons.

    But I remember when I was first taken into MC on my holy pally...
    I buffed and tried to heal until I went oom in like a minute. It sucked ass.

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